unreliable narrator
Jun 28 2019

Another weirdly 90s thing about this show is that the author Dave Eggers auditioned for Real World San Francisco and didn’t make the cut.

Feb 24 2019

The order of the photos should match the order of descriptions because that is how captions have worked since captions were invented. 

Oct 5 2018

My parents, who are in their 70's, love this show because it’s how they imagine my husband and I live our lives????  I mean, he’s a city inspector and I’m a college professor in the humanities and yeah, we collect comic books and play video games, but our lives are nothing like TBBT.  And, my mom says it makes her Read more

Sep 5 2018

Love that Midweek Madness is back, and that Brad and Jen are pregnant with their 114th child.  Mazel you two. 

Jul 17 2018

I swear the first thing that went through my head was “Dammit- no one will go into town anymore, so Joyce will lose her job and then the arcade will close by next year.” Forget the upside down- the systematic destruction of local businesses in the 80's and 90's was far more effective in destroying towns. 

Jun 25 2018

yea, neither me, just surprised at someone writing about fashion at a wedding without a cursory understanding of what might dictate said fashion choices given the context

Jun 25 2018

The real star of the Harington-Leslie wedding was Madden in his kilt—the strongest Scottish style...

Jun 25 2018

I think Sophie’s dressed for the bachelorette party and Maisie’s dressed for the rehearsal dinner.

Jun 15 2018

Yeah, the beard is good and the turtleneck is good but they are not good together because they blend into one and it looks like his shirt goes up his face.

Jun 14 2018

Craig (Jake Epstein) is a Broadway star now! He originated the role of Carole King’s first husband in “Beautiful.” Beautiful did its pre-Broadway run in San Francisco. When I saw it with my boyfriend (now husband), I freaked out when Epstein came on stage and totally had to text my younger Degrassi-loving sister Read more

Jun 14 2018

In 2009/10ish, my friend and I were driving in stopped traffic on a major road in Chicago. Drake was walking by on the street, but he wasn’t ~Drake~ yet, but definitely working on it. He had two large security/entourage looking guys with him, dressed like Drake dresses and everything. Of course, I don’t see him as Read more

Jun 14 2018

“If you take a piece of chocolate, like a little bite, it’s like 350 calories,” said Trump

Jun 14 2018

If there’s one thing I truly respect about Drake it’s the fact he never strayed from his Degrassi roots, he owns that shit. And he should be proud he was on it, that show really taught me a lot when I was a teen. It was very progressive for it’s time.

Jun 14 2018

OMG I forgot that he was absent as well. Degrassi’s resident bad boi but also soft boi 😪

May 19 2018

That photo of Kitty Spencer looks like something off the cover of a romance novel. She is stunning.

Apr 23 2018

This is what bothers me. I do not see myself as fat. However. I do not have that stomach. She is, objectively, not fat. She has kind of a round face, but she is pretty dang fit. I have zero interest in watching her being treated like a hideous monster because of how “ugly” and “fat” she is. Read more