Weird Uncle Shyfty
Sep 25

Well, that’s terrifying. But please note that if you go to defendyourballot.com, there’s a handy button for reporting an “election incident.” It seems to me that some beardy psycho calling for an “army” to “watch them” (i.e., people trying to vote) is an obvious voter suppression tactic - and therefore an “election

May 5

Sorry, I've been stuck in this fridge in the desert for a long time, but I'm certain there was no Indiana Jones movie in 2008...

Apr 30

The overheated references in poetry; the images that dominate our media! Is it all...an elaborate fraud?

Dec 5

Cecillia D’Anastasio.

You were, are, and will always be my favorite Kotaku writer. From your Riot exposé to your genuinely amazing journey to find the lost American Sailor Moon Pilot, something that I personally failed to make any headway on several times, your articles have always been a delight.

May 11 2019

A new definition of pain and suffering as you are retconned over a thousand years.

Apr 8 2019

This is quality gaming journalism. My Monday is so much better for having read this. Thank you.