Umrguy42: Add $5 for shipping and handling
9:44 PM

Football Zebras had an explanation in their liveblog why this was in fact correctly enforced:

7:04 PM

If you look at the replay, he maybe has a shot if he runs to his left, letting the two guys coming off the corner run past him to the right instead of trying to outrun them coming off one knee with them at full sprint. Still, that counts on the holder being able to beat #8 (who’s playing spy) to the corner, which

3:16 PM

Hi, I’m “Just wanted to point out” guy: OBJ also threw a long TD pass last year. That made him the best quarterback on the team by a long way, which may have hurt his overall yardage as well.

9:19 PM

Because definitive is more like the 20% fee replaces tipping practices and ensures fair remuneration and work benefits for our skilled wait staff”.

7:35 AM

I don’t think she was that bad, but I can also see how to Meyer, who co-created the character, she wasn’t *his* Saavik.

9:48 AM

In my experience behind a bar - 90% of the people I pour a dirty martini for (or Manhattan, come to think of it) are going to be Boomer men who will stare at a waitress’s ass. The remaining 10% are going to be women who are fed up with some shit and will tell me about it. Either way, it’s about to get weird.

8:10 AM

Not that I’m aware of. There are theaters with alcohol available around, but their drinks are suuuuper expensive. More than what you’d pay at a pro-sports game!

12:23 AM

God, I hate contrarians. Never get in a debate with one. The proper way to deal with them is to shut them down and change the subject. In this case, the letter writer should have said “Ok” and then turned to the sister and then said something like, ”Can you believe it’s been 18 years since 9/11" or “Did you read about

5:10 PM

Do you have a Movie Tavern near you? It’s the only way I go to the movies now. Comfy seat, wine beer and cocktails, and a full menu delivered right to your seat. 

8:36 AM

All very good points. By all means, if you can get a great deal on something you want anyways, go for it! Half price wings are a great deal if you want wings! But anyone who’s going to a restaurant only to order whatever the best deal is, regardless of if they actually want that, is better off learning how to cook for

12:27 AM

A lot of time Salty gets heat for the profoundly stupid questions people ask, and I’m tempted to clamber aboard that shade train, but I try to remember I may have a few more spins around the sun than the person asking the question, and more experience in the hospitality industry. Salty does well to go over what we may

11:00 PM

In my experience, Salty, your math is a little aggressive, although not far off.