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12:19 AM

If they want goofy, I could maybe see him working on something similar to the old “Wraith Squadron” novel series (successor to Rogue Squadron - Wedge puts together a rag-tag band of folks who are more like spies & saboteurs for undercover/stealth missions who can also pilot small fighters, including a Gamorrean, and Read more

10:38 AM

I see no BBQ Recipe Beef either, which, while the meat is meh, the BBQ sauce is IMO not bad. For better or worse, that’s the flavor that gets a place in my freezer as “emergency backup work lunch option”.

10:37 PM

Not all of them, but Lois McMaster Bujold’s “Vorkosiverse” books definitely have some sex in some of them, although it’s not particularly explicit (it was enough to get my adolescent hormones going and convince me to read a few of them early on, any way). Read more

9:29 AM

You don’t write down your ten or so ideas and then try to write your way through it because if your great idea is in the movie you get a bonus. You look at how to write a good story and make it into a coherent script. Read more

4:47 PM

In all seriousness, the last 3rd of the Winter 2018 season, I was laid up on my couch after breaking my ankle in 3 places. Laying there, sitting there (eventually), working from home on there, sleeping there, for 3-4 weeks I only got off of it for doctor appointments, bathroom, and sponge baths. Read more

1:43 PM

Dang it, I coulda gone with the Ford Flex as ‘inspiration’ for my son’s Pinewood Derby car when he first gave me a drawing that was a rectangle with section out out the front (I was thinking with the proportions of the block and his proposed design, it’d be schoolbus, but he didn’t want that).

8:55 AM

Yeah, I hear you. I work in a small office (small company, but owns its own buildings - they’re just not super large), and we dunno HOW the breakroom is wired. Apparently they already had an electrician out to change which circuit one of the plugs we use for the 2 microwaves is on, and it still isn’t enough all the Read more

2:44 AM

The latter. My understanding is, to keep things simpler, there’s a general convention that all these things have an unspoken ( when we’ll see the events that happened [# of light years] ago)“ after the date. At least for stuff outside of our solar system, anyway.