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5:47 PM

I’m kinda worried about that too, but the goal is to create an artificial way to do this based on what the bacteria do, it wouldn’t be so bad? You wouldn’t actually be breeding/releasing bacteria, you’d just have lots of machines or vats or something to throw the plastic into...

12:49 AM

Yeah, I’m most intrigued by the idea that Mercury might’ve had these volatiles as recently as 1.8bn years ago, and that they hadn’t been blasted away by the heat and solar radiation long before...

1:34 PM

If you mean label-wise... for whatever same reason St. Louis is shown in Illinois? There’s some weird labeling choices just on there, no consistency on to the left/to the right decision that I can see (take Pittsburgh in particular as an example). Read more

2:11 PM

Week 2 of work from home here (or end of ‘week 1' if you count the fact that I didn’t start WFH until last Wednesday? whatever). Biggest thing is trying to make sure my son’s getting his schooling from home done, instead of spending all day on my PS4 with YouTube/Amazon open watching Minecraft videos. I’m actually

8:08 PM

Yeah, my DD is coming up on 17 years old in a few months, and lovely snow belt winters have done a number on it. I’ve been looking forward to that supposed AWD 2020 Camry [don’t judge me, it’s an appliance, but that’s what I want for my DD] that was to be coming here in the spring, per Jalopnik last fall. Haven’t seen Read more

7:49 PM

I wanna say Former Jalop writer Doug DeMuro, in pointing out one of the “quirks” of some hatchback or other, mentioned that US laws require having those lights on non-moving parts of the car, so you can’t have your (only) reverse lights on the hatch. So maybe that’s why?

8:07 PM

Yeah, they could be lying, but I literally just now got an email from Amazon claiming my Deluxe Edition is now eligible for release day delivery. Have to see how it actually goes though.