Hooooooly shiteballs. What an episode. I was not prepared for about ¾ of that. Read more

I’m really enjoying Bo Katan’s greater focus in this season. The show is called “The Mandalorian,” not “Din Djarin.” No reason they can’t switch up who the Mandalorian is from time to time. Read more

Personally, I’ve never understood the accusations about this season. So it has episodic stories with different tones, you mean like...a TV show? Which it’s always done since the first season? It’s very reminiscent of the people who accuse the MCU of being “too fun,” and I’d guess there’s a sizable overlap. And for all Read more

He’s smart; he knows Lois is a better reporter than him. Read more

Barry turning into the lightning bolt that gives him his powers is actually what originally happened after the original Crisis on Infinite Earths before this whole “Speed Force” thing was invented. Read more

Verrry fun fact: Nepenthe, in greek, means “isle of no care” - a place to let your worries go.

AND: it is an incredibly hip restaurant on a cliff in Big Sur, CA - just far north enough of LA to be a cherished weekend getaway spot for writers for generations. I’d bet my next paycheck the writers dropped it in for that Read more

Perhaps of interest, the idea that Barry Allen eventually transformed into the lightning bolt that gave him his powers appeared in a poingnant retetelling of Flash’s life story in 1988's comic book Secret Origins Annual #2, in a story written by Robert Loren Fleming and illustrated by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Read more

I was 100% sure they would finally bring back that IG-11 plot once I saw the Ugnaughts, since Kuiil was the one to reprogram him. It would make sense that they had the part. I figured they wouldn’t just abandoned that plot line so quickly, and finally bring it back to the story, but I guess they are just going to drop Read more

I imagine that people who pay for the top tier with multiple account that can stream at the same time will downgrade or cancel if they all of a sudden cannot have their college kids access Netflix. Read more

The dumbest part of this is doing this “crackdown” and not also offering a multi-family option. When Spotify rolled out this option a couple years ago I happily plunked down more money to let my brother get Spotify (he’s on disability). I get wanting people to pay for the service, but like other people said here, Read more

I’m paying for my son’s college tuition, room & board, car & car insurance and health insurance. Why should I need to pay for TWO accounts while he is away at college? He’s part of my family. Read more

I’ll be genuinely surprised if this actually goes well for them. Read more

That would depend on where you live. Read more

This is going to be exceptionally annoying for anyone who splits time between multiple households. My parents live in two separate households I split my time between, but I’m the netflix account holder. Their TV’s are hardly portable.
Read more

It’s interesting to see the same person playing the same character under two different interpretations. The Netflix show was good but definitely very into brutal violence, there’s just no way that that would go on Disney+. Flips and acrobatics and knocking dudes out with a single punch is definitely more their cup Read more

Which, it hit me -- of course Matt would need to walk; it’s not like NYC where there’s plenty of buildings he can swing to.  Read more

This was a fun episode. Just enough action, comedy, and self-awareness (“Previously on my show”) for me. Read more

I mean... it doesn’t really matter how good of a lawyer she was because the award was essentially a participation trophy for being a woman lawyer. Read more

I was happy to see the lighter, Mark Waid-esque Daredevil in this rather than the broodier version from the Netflix shows. Read more

Looks like Daredevil has been buffed. Dude hasn’t done acrobatics like that since the old movies. Also liked the sarcastic humor and wit. Hopefully the gritty characterization survives. Cautiously anticipating ‘Born Again’. Read more