Sep 3

Is Jez really doing a story about “how will the short little black lady swim”??? About the most amazing U.S. amateur female athlete? Yikes.

Mar 3

Correct. This video has a lightly modified S1000RR(exhaust, tune) vs a Veyron Vitesse, and the camera guy talks crap about beating the bike, before losing. It gets so bad the camera guy starts talking about the interior of the car instead.  

Feb 13

I don’t recline, but you are wrong.  As long as its a feature, no one is a monster for using it.

Dec 6

Patrick, thanks for not banning Mergio or I back in the day.

Nov 12

Unlike sports cars. Sports cars need stick shifts. Super cars, not so sure. Sports cars: stick shifts. Read more

Nov 12

Have your star... as much as I love a manual - this is the correct take.

May 16 2019

Well, this less terrible than a beehive canister round (filled with flechettes) which were notable for creating ‘pink mist’ when used on enemy personnel. NOTE: No pink-mist in the following video, just some silhouette targets getting sheared.

May 10 2019

As someone who is currently running a project to replace a bunch of Italian capacitors with ones that don’t randomly fall apart I can feel your sarcasm in my bones.

May 8 2019

Clearly they are mistaken about this being a Motor Home. Read more

Apr 24 2019

The nerve of Paul George... he took the EXACT SAME SHOT in his greatest win ever:

Apr 23 2019

I watched the entire event. He pulled up slightly while approaching NSWC Corona. He then began and right hand rolling maneuver. Once he was upside down the engines sputtered (likely gravity fed) and he lurched the remaining roll out while pulling back (due to his flight attitude, this pointed the nose to the ground). Read more

Apr 19 2019

Stakeholder: We’re really into organic forms and how they may be used to inspire automobile design. We’re thinking for the new line up, fish.

Apr 16 2019

True but we cannot complain that Jalopnik is covering more and more about motorcycles :)

Mar 13 2019

Philip Morris still sponsors Ferrari after the 2006 ban, we talk about Marlboro. Read more

Feb 26 2019

You sad fool. So you drove one poorly calibrated, small engine volvo diesel and want to cast aspersions on all of them?