Dec 16

This movie is going to full of plot holes, inaccuracies, and overall will probably be pretty stupid.

I’ll see it in theaters at least three times, I’m guessing.

Feb 7 2019

Seriously, all you gain is lower fuel economy and 2 more CV joints 

Nov 13 2018

This story uncovers two things everyone already knows: NOTHING can stop a Toyota truck and nurses are bad-ass and save lives. Still, it’s cool as hell.

Oct 18 2018

Hannah, I am in full support of your caffeine pill habit as I do the exact same thing. I start each morning with one 200mg pill and usually have no more caffeine the rest of the day. For some reason people think I am some deranged caffeine addict when I tell them that but wouldn’t think twice if I downed a pot of Read more

Nov 30 2017

That place is a dump...and by “that place” I mean Yakima as a whole. If they started off bulldozing with the racetrack and just kept going with the rest of the town we’d all be better off.

Nov 14 2017

I’m the father of a 5 year old boy and 2.5 year old girl. My son went through a decent phase where his favorite color was purple; we quickly became fans of the Ravens and Lakers. My daughter likes pink, but she also likes power rangers. She loves dresses, but loves to get dirty even more. We let them be who they want Read more

Nov 14 2017

I grew up in rural Alaska, learned to run a chain saw before I was in high school, fished and worked alongside my brother. I wasn’t a tomboy, and I wasn’t afraid to work hard and get dirty, then dress up to go do something fun. That said, I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time on makeup or hair. Read more

Sep 25 2017

It’s AMAZING to me how dumb the American auto industry is when it comes to learning from the past. We see this cycle over and over. Gas is relatively cheap, people don’t want small cars, so the big 3 make bank selling trucks and SUVs. They then think they don’t need small cars and either stop making them or let them Read more

Sep 18 2017

but found its width encouraged the time-wasting habit of repeatedly fiddling with window sizes to fit multiple apps on a single screen Read more

Aug 16 2017

Given the size of the company, Dodge almost certainly had these social media campaigns mapped out well in advance, and tweets around them were pre-loaded and scheduled ahead of any incidents. This is extremely common, if not the norm, for social media posts.
Read more

Aug 16 2017

This is unbelievably dumb, this is an event that has gone on for multiple years and is well known. You can’t plan for neo nazis plowing a crowd with your vehicle a year+ in advance.

Jun 2 2017

I can’t wait to see the sweet, sweet vaper outrage posts. So many angrily tipped fedoras.

Apr 13 2017

Very simple fact. Had Kevin Ward Jr. not exited his race car and walked down the racing surface, he would still be alive. Everything else in this case is irrelevant. If I pull my car over on the shoulder and get out, stepping in front of a semi, is it my fault or the semi driver’s fault?