12:53 PM

This is the sort of comment I come here for.  I hardly ever go to the theater and will go for this.

3:57 PM

I disagree a little bit, but only a little.  I’ll leave my car at the pump if there are multiple free pumps, and if I’m only going to be a minute or two, like just grabbing a drink, and a cookie, not having food made.  But if there is only one free pump, you can bet I’m going to move my POS before going in.

4:18 PM

Completely ignoring your brand preference, how about a late model low miles Ford Mustang Ecoboost. Good tech options, decent mileage, looks nice, drives pretty good.  Bam, problem solved.

1:22 PM

Yes, kids jumping one at a time would be safer.  It would also be lamer.  Seriously, who wants to jump alone.  Yes it’s a bit dangerous, but they love it, and hopefully with a bit of care my kids can be safe on the trampoline.

6:14 PM

Our kids love the snack lunch concept. Little turkey sausages, cheese, crackers, veggies, fruit, real juice boxes.  That kind of stuff.

7:28 PM

Our first child was in the NICU for two months. Great post, you make some great recommendations, and I have one to add. Don’t feel guilty for anything else in your life that you drop, or ignore, to go spend time with your baby. There were times that just dropping everything and going to the hospital was exactly what Read more

2:50 PM

Sorry but cloud storage and an external drive just don’t at all serve the same purpose. They do completely different things. They are both good to have, but saying that buying an external hard drive is equivalent to the same amount of cloud storage is just disingenuous.

1:46 PM

Our kids school basically says, bring Ticonderogas, or don’t bring them at all.

12:33 PM

I have loved the Zebra F-301 Fine, since high school, and it’s still what I carry around in my bag.

6:49 PM

I love the Google Keyboard on Android. It does everything I need, and I’ve been swiping with it for years.

12:32 PM

For jalapenos I personally cut off the top and bottom, cut it in half long ways, and use a spoon to scrape out the seeds. Works great.

1:10 PM

Yeah, sorry I personally disagree, I’d rather just have the gift to then use or not use as it’s my gift to do with what I want. Oddly I’m a bit of a control freak and want to be able to control the experience once the gift has been given. The only exception would be if the gift was like a trip, concert, sports event, Read more

7:58 PM

Yeah, the sign is still there, I drove by it a few weeks ago.

5:14 PM

You seem like an awesome parent, kids are going to be who they want if we just stay out of their way. My parents did their best to keep me away from toy guns or anything particularly violent, but then I just turned my Legos and sticks in to guns. They eventually gave in realizing that I just had those interests Read more

5:09 PM

We generally let my ten year old daughter do and wear what she likes. She likes to wear pink, she has seen all of the princess movies, but so have my boys, and they often sing right along. I honestly think you are overthinking it, my daughter loves pink and dresses and lace, and worms, and dirt and science, and begged Read more

4:06 PM

I’ve sold cars at three different dealerships, two sucked, bad hours, bad treatment, horrible coworkers, high stress. The other was decent to work for, I just didn’t make any money, a combination of, me not being a great salesman, and the owner not caring as much about the second store that I worked as the first Read more

6:19 PM

It must depend on the kind of work you do, cause I simply need the screen space of two monitors to just do my work. I need a teamviewer window or two open, along with other info or another program for encryption and stuff. I get the idea of focusing on one thing at a time, but some of us just need to have several Read more

6:34 PM

Right, but she is an expert in hiring things like that out.