Tequila Mockingbird

IDK what’s worse - what she’s doing to herself, or that FUGLY sink in the background. Read more

Excuse me, racism is not a problem here in America so IDK what you’re talking about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Read more

Damn. I’m a dog person, but my condolences.

I left out the /S sarcasm tag. I’m going for the more subtle joke lately and it’s being met with mixed results ;-) Read more

Those people should be ashamed of themselves. Read more

No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith. Read more

the pope continued, “unless those walls are around abortion clinics then build them high af and electrify ‘em” Read more

True, but I'd bet the US still has at least a 2:1 asshole ratio over Canada.
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You’re not eating enough pasta e fagioli if you have parm for that long. Read more

From a strictly scientific standpoint, it is an interesting question. Read more

That seems like much less stress. Public beaches and pools in America always have long lines for changing rooms and bathrooms. Plus they’re foot fungus cesspools. I’d much rather change in the open. I think as American families become more diverse we’re realizing that maybe mens rooms need changing table too lol Read more

last time they trotted Cosby out, they dressed him in the big “frail old man” cardigan and gave him the blind man sunglasses and cane. What do you think they’ll do if he goes to court? Read more

...hopefully they’re finally “pudding” him in jail.

The worst thing about meeting different kinds of people is that you start to think of them as, in fact, people. Read more

For me it was a combination of emotionally withholding parents, school bullies, and an unfortunate combination of glasses, braces, and not knowing how to dress that made me desperate for affirmation. Luckily I discovered theater at about that time that earned me both a social set and and a source of Read more

I unfortunately think that little has changed... I wasn’t alive in the 70s so I can’t speak to that, but I remember still getting attention from men my dad’s age and older starting from around age 11 or 12 in the early/mid 2000s... I was tall and well-endowed, sure, but I was clearly and obviously a child. It didn’t Read more

I was 13-14 in the mid-70s, and I got a lot of attention from grown men. I was thrilled by it. Boys my age either ignored me, barked at me, or called me names. Adult men talked to me like I was a person, admired me, complemented me. At the time, it was bliss, and I felt it made me special. And thanks mainly to a lack Read more

Maybe. But I’m on Swift’s side. I know she’s a vanilla white girl we all roll our eyes over, but she’s one of many women who have to put up with this shit from men looking for cheap plugs. Read more