I was driving my new (stock) Wrangler Unlimited (JK) from Denver back home to Dallas the day I bought it. Got pulled over outside Amarillo for: Read more

No one has ever bought a Wrangler for the gas mileage. Read more

This makes me want to move to Georgia and convince Jones to run for office again just so I can vote for her. Read more

I completely agree. In the gray area between tool and car part, my HF 12000 lb winch on my JK was still going strong after 4 years and LOTS of abuse when I sold it. $299 for the HF winch vs $1500 for the Warn. I get that the Warn is “better,” but for 5x the price, GTFO. Read more

The black one is gorgeous, but the red one just looks like a Magnum - meh. Read more

You get a star for the Dodgeball reference. Well played. Read more

Surely I can’t be the first person to think Nissan X-Trail. Quite popular in Central and South America, definitely available within budget, reliable enough and cheap enough to make modifications as needed, and not too flashy. Read more

That’s the general rule, but there are exceptions (WFAA in Dallas is another example). Read more


CP. If it belonged to John Daly, it might be worth more because there could be unfinished bottles of booze under the seat. Read more

On a flight from HKG - DFW on American this week, I decided to check out the HBO series High Maintenance - one of their IFE choices. Halfway through the first episode, I had to fast forward through what seemed like the longest gay sex scene ever (complete with full frontal and nothing left for the imagination). It’s Read more

That Wrangler isn’t even close to the worst offender. Just pick any of the insane Starwood Motors JKs... Read more

You can get a CJ for $3k? Where? Read more

So I have Dartz partz on my WK2?!?! That’s fantastic news. #needsmorewhalepenis Read more

In that part of the world where registration might cost as much as or more than the car, it can be a big deal. A $250k Lamborghini in the US might cost $750k in Malaysia, and most of that is luxury taxes. I imagine Taiwan is the same way. Read more

The Nicks edition is a better choice by a landslide Read more

We already know what it can do at Bonneville, but I can’t wait to see David Tracy take it back to Utah and go rock crawling in Moab. Read more