You even have a nice vessel for a fake-out: Nat sprays Taskmaster with the mind control antidote shortly after the reveal, we think it’s over, only for it to turn out that she wasn’t brainwashed at all and the fight continues

As someone who played quite a lot of BotW, I still feel like the people on the internet are playing a completely different game.

I kind of want to do a re-watch of the movies now with a record of which characters are named on-screen and when. 

It’s hardly unique to ships either. Boba Fett’s name isn’t spoken in a movie until right before Han whacks him during the fight at Jabba’s palace. The Ewoks are unnamed as a species, and I think Leia identifies one or two of them by name once but it isn’t super clear which is which.

If Mario Golf recreated Golf Story’s rap battle, it would be the greatest game of all time.

NFTs, in their current incarnation, merely contain a link to the file in question. So one of two things is about to happen. Either the NFT is currently linking to the unlisted video, and when it gets deleted the NFT will point to nothing; or the NFT is pointing to the video uploaded elsewhere and eventually that link Read more

I did not break the timeline, it’s not true, it’s bullshit, I did not break it, I did nahhht.

Oh hi Thor!

Yeah, that was my first thought too. This is not the first time an extra “and” has ruined a crossword solve, and it’s why Pat is always very clear to say “don’t add anything” whenever a contestant attempts crossword solve. Why this one is going viral makes no sense.

The original Puzzle Quest was a fantastic game, and more and more I’m convinced that it was dumb luck that it worked out as well as it did. The fact that every attempt to re-capture that magic has been at best mediocre is kind of amazing.

For whatever it’s worth, the MCU has become a different beast than it was when the first two movies came out. The “connected universe” was nothing more than a series of cameos when the first Thor happened, and the franchise was still coming into its own when Dark World was made. I feel like the MCU is seen as a more Read more

I don’t think you could do a Gen 4 remake using only Pokémon introduced in that generation. There were only about a hundred, and a significant number of those were either baby forms or new evolutions for previously existing Pokémon. I expect at least the Sinnoh Dex as presented in Platinum to be available.

(EDIT: I Read more

My crazy theory? There are two Agatha Harknesses. I’m basing this off the fact that Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha seems to be based off the Ultimate universe version of the character, particularly after her unambiguous villain song. Emma Caulfield’s Dottie is the Agatha Harkness of the primary MCU, and will be an ally to Read more

I would love to see someone take this one step further and splice the movies together, splitting up flashbacks or scenes that happen simultaneously. Have the opening flashback in Thor be your first 10 minutes, then go through five whole movies before any of that becomes relevant. 

Bucky’s giving me some real “Generic Video Game Protagonist” vibes there.

I mostly agree with what you’re getting at here, but as far as strong individual scenes go I do feel obligated to mention that the Elevator Fight from Winter Soldier is arguably the best fight scene in the MCU.

Apparently in 2019 some makeup sold under her name was found to contain asbestos: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/allthemoms/2019/06/09/jojo-siwa-claires-makeup-kit-recalled-after-fda-finds-asbestos/1402366001/ Read more

Minamimoto as a playable character definitely has me intrigued. There’s always been speculation that he survived the first game (in a bit of an ironic twist, because we did in fact see the body), but I’m curious what his game is now. I can’t imagine he’ll betray the party in a late-game twist, given that anyone who Read more

Ignore the sequel, get rid of everyone but Dan Fogler, and make a movie that’s just Jacob Kowalski running a pastry shop in New York. Other than the pastries inspired by his buried memories of the first movie, there is no evidence at all that the movie takes place in the a universe with magic, wizards, etc.