Jul 4

and the best thing about the title is what happened after the end. i HATE misanthropic jerk lead characters, the arcs never work. neku’s worked. and the ending...it made the cumbersome title so much better. everything fell into place.

Jul 2

i have heard our readers described as 1000 things over the last 14 years, but never “extremely worried about butt safe toys” before.

Jun 16

I too have some computers that I have forgotten to throw away.

Jun 1

Lack of mention for Teferi surprised me too. He is in almost literally every game.

May 19

When you take the canon materials as they are, the fact is that sure, Boba Fett is an interesting character. But he’s also one who died a chump. The extended universe has gone to great lengths to try and retcon Boba into what fans (myself included) wanted him to be, but nope, he’s a chump. Read more

Apr 24

Guys I think we can all agree Victoria’s opinion is extremely bad, but she is SO passionate about it that I felt it required a blog. Don’t worry, as punishment for her bad opinions I’m making her read Gizmodo’s Twitter mentions.

Apr 8

I think the issue in this entire topic is that the basis of it is that the important thing for a mobile device (I won’t say phone, but that’s the primary device) is cameras, which is itself absurd. Cameras are however almost the only thing that the manufacturers are focused (no pun intended) and can improve. They are Read more

Mar 30

Back from where? The original version isn’t going anywhere.