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To expand on your Sandwich Metaphor, while others may not experience your sandwich nostalgia, they may share your hunger, even unknowingly. In this case that hunger is for, “a straight-forward, old-style action movie proudly dependent on practical special effects and with a simple story that still touches on some

That’s Bludhaven’s Ass.  /s

I love this little exchange between the two as Steve and Sharon awkwardly converse.  

I wish it was from “The Guy Who Brought You Club Dread”

Big Rig God... hmm... maybe an episode or scene paying tribute to a Dennis Weaver B-movie classic.  

Alas, Disney+ has yet to add the sequel, titled...wait for it...Bride of Boogedy. Read more

And it goes on and and on....

I’d rather see it be Cronenberged. Read more

I wonder how it will compare to Joker, where we see events filtered through Arthur Fleck’s POV.   Read more

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Unless they’ve got some kind of clone of Tim “The Perfect Villain” Curry, it just won’t be the same.

In the same article, Robbie described Birds of Prey as a “poppy” and “bonkers” film told entirely from Harley Quinn’s point of view.
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Speaking with Variety, Margot Robbie promised James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is “going to be very, very good much better than my solo film with the Birds of Prey. Read more

It’ll probably take several seasons, because... ya know....

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I was kind of hoping for an Erik the Viking ending mashed up with the Vandal Savage Superman meets in the future. Ares managed to kill the other Olympian gods, but is now just a shell of his former glory. Rather than fomenting war, he is more of a bystander, drawing energy from the conflicts of men... but just enough

What about a retelling of A Christmas Carol, where the ghost of Kylo’s granddad appears and tells him he will be visited by three Force Ghosts... Read more

Yeah, it didn’t appear to be actually moving under it’s own power. Read more