6/02/21 1:52PM

You’ve never had real Japanese Wagyu at $100/lb or more and worth every dollar.

6/02/21 1:51PM

Voltaire said ”Perfect is the enemy of the good.”

5/24/21 1:31PM

Chalmet brings all of the unsettling off-putting characteristics of Wonka without any of that pesky childish glee.

5/21/21 10:34AM

I disagree somewhat with this. Yes, your credit will take an immediate hit, but it is fleeting and your credit score will return to its previous level or higher, so it is only an issue if you are getting some kind of loan in the near future.
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5/19/21 3:32PM

More alcohol = your mom is drunker = good times!

5/19/21 3:31PM

White Claw uses “alcohol” which usually means a neutral spirit (aka vodka) not a malt derivative. That is why they produce less of a hangover than wine.

5/19/21 9:34AM

Don’t accept a non-compete clause. An NDA is more than sufficient to protect your new employer unless you are in a customer-facing role. Then you should only sign a non-compete for your specific customers.

There is no reason for a non-customer-facing employee to sign an NDA AND a non-compete.

If your employer can Read more

5/12/21 2:43PM

Sit down and shut up.

The best thing you can do for a flight attendant is behave in a manner so that they barely even notice you are there.

5/11/21 5:01PM

Always under-withhold your employment taxes. Paying them is just giving the government free money. 

5/11/21 4:58PM

Your headline is belittling to the victim. She was a victim of sexual discrimination which was substantiated. The company and co-workers then ostracized her as a “whistleblower” which was FURTHER discrimination. It had nothing to do with pizza. Read more

5/10/21 4:25PM

He doesn’t “say” stupid things. He “asks” stupid things. This gives him deniability. He was just “asking”. He doesn’t have to defend that any of it is actually true.

5/10/21 4:22PM

When did Tucker Carlson start wearing women’s clothes and giving blowjobs to Christian television ministers while doing meth?
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4/14/21 3:54PM

I thought it was thirteen and from all different mothers. 

4/14/21 3:53PM

“You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

4/14/21 3:43PM

Seen thru night-vision technology = huge chance that it could be an artifact of the night vision technology

4/06/21 10:57AM

Texas is mostly uninhabited desert anyway. Climate change won’t be a big deal. /s

4/06/21 10:55AM

They try to have it both ways. Texas is on its own grid so it can avoid these kinds of “problems” but then their own grid fails partly because of inability to buy power from the network and then they blame national policy anyway? Read more

4/02/21 7:03PM

I feel this way about cocktails. No fancy or expensive booze tastes as good as when the drink is made by someone else and served to me.

3/29/21 5:57PM

In Chapel Hill, NC there is actually a takeout-only place that advertises under the name of “Ghost Kitchen” along with BBQ brand and a “bistro” brand.