6/02/21 1:51PM

Voltaire said ”Perfect is the enemy of the good.”

5/21/21 12:38PM

That’s weird, because I’ve had the exact opposite effect. Once I paid off all my credit cards, I’ve kept the accounts open and just put them all in a drawer. I pay for everything with cash on hand and my credit continues to bump up every month.

5/19/21 9:34AM

Don’t accept a non-compete clause. An NDA is more than sufficient to protect your new employer unless you are in a customer-facing role. Then you should only sign a non-compete for your specific customers.

There is no reason for a non-customer-facing employee to sign an NDA AND a non-compete.

If your employer can Read more

5/10/21 4:25PM

He doesn’t “say” stupid things. He “asks” stupid things. This gives him deniability. He was just “asking”. He doesn’t have to defend that any of it is actually true.

4/16/21 9:23AM

To me, this would be a lot like saying please understand how a piece of news is read by someone who is convinced the Reptilians and the Illuminati control the international trade in Peeps Marshmallows. Read more

4/16/21 8:44AM

If you think abortions are bad, don’t have one. This is about a legal and safe medical procedure that should be available to all women, regardless of where they live or whether they have the money to get one.

4/02/21 7:03PM

I feel this way about cocktails. No fancy or expensive booze tastes as good as when the drink is made by someone else and served to me.

4/02/21 4:14PM

I still can’t figure out why any sandwich or salad always tastes better when someone else makes it. It can’t be nafas.

4/02/21 10:58AM

Who says it isn’t effective for influenza? That’s probably one of the main reasons influenza has been essentially non-existent this season.

4/02/21 3:05AM

I’ve found that it’s generally safer to avoid anti-vax families not because you’re worried about getting some horrible disease but because being around stupid people is just bad for one’s mental health.

1/15/21 7:52AM

“Maaaaaahm, didn’t I tell you to knock before you come in? What if I was doing something priiiivate, like inciting terrorism?” Read more

12/31/20 3:24PM

I don’t think the QANON conspiracy has any basis in reality but lets not throw out the baby with the bathwater here. Read more

12/31/20 1:46PM

I think you’re purposefully conflating the ludicrous assertions of QAnon (Trump is playing a convoluted game of 4-D chess to expose an underground network of pedophiles) with the very real actions of government agencies in the past and trying to make yourself look like a martyr for “just being reasonable and pointing Read more

12/30/20 10:30PM

there’s a nifty little shortcut that helps and it doesn’t require having to split a single atom. whenever republicans say something, write it down on a piece of paper, crumple it up and throw it in the trash, then throw the trash can in the dumpster. it turns out you can just dismiss everything the right wing says and Read more

12/30/20 6:38PM

There is profit to be found sowing fear and discord among sheltered masses that are unable to find their place in the world. Societal or community flaws are so easily exploited by greed, I see.

12/29/20 2:07PM

Right, I know this is “magic” but it’s also rape.

12/29/20 1:06PM

When he showed up at the end I just kept preparing myself for an awful meet cute because that’s the kind of terrible decision I was expecting by that point. Read more