Nov 21 2016

Wow, we must have a Warriors fan here. I think last year pretty much put the lebum James nonsense to rest. I’m a Bulls fan that watched most of the games that Michael Jordan ever played and I still think LeBron is the best player ever. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals last year was historic and was a one Read more

Nov 19 2016

When I took undergrad inorganic Chemistry at the University of Washington, the professor told of being an undergrad in Chemistry at U. Alaska shortly after the war (WWII?). The army had for obscure reasons been stockpiling sodium metal nearby and wanted rid of it, so they gave it to the university Chemistry Read more

Nov 18 2016

I have a fairly new VHS player myself. Bought it to digitize old home movies for my parents (which reminds me I need to finish that before xmas). Cost me something like $80 at target. But I didn’t want to use an old deck out of fear of the VHS getting chewed up.

Nov 15 2016

Funny how ultra violence is ok but genitalia needs to removed. I wonder if people even realize how strange that is to people who have a healthy view on nudity

Nov 9 2016

Are you saying gays can’t play games unless theres a gay character? That’s retarded.

Nov 9 2016

I think he did. If anything Johnson most likely helped make this closer for Hillary than it otherwise would’ve been. Trump won whether Gary Johnson existed or not.

Oct 31 2016

Which is why so much of the pilot episode features Kevin James as the quarterback of the LA Rams.

Sep 7 2016

Millions and millions of people would disagree with you, but thanks for chiming in I guess?

Feb 25 2016

And at floppy disk transfer speeds it’ll only take 20 days and 13 hours to fill it up!