Dec 8

Putting a pin here so I can come back later to see how having a seizure is unfair criticism of the christ-game that is beyond reproach  

Nov 5

The PS5 is literally the exact same issue.  Limited harddrive space, and standard externals are only viable for PS4 software, not PS5.  You’ll have to buy a very expensive SSD designed to work for the PS5 in order to have more digital storage space for PS5 games.

Nov 3

As if we needed more reasons to fucking detest the sentient pile of human shit that calls itself Bobby Kotick...

Oct 30

See, you express some understanding of what happened but so little I can’t believe you’re commenting in good faith here since that’s a massive misrepresentation of what happened.

The allegations were made, and were credible enough the board asked him to resign. He refused to resign unless some reportedly outrageous Read more

Oct 21

I’m absolutely sick and tired of politics right now, and Twitch is one of the places I go to escape it all.” Read more

Oct 15

No. 99% of spiders leave humans alone, they are incredibly useful. Had a massive carpenter ant infestation in my home (hundreds of the giant damn things chewing apart the wood in my house). Introduced a few spiders from my backyard into the house, within a couple weeks virtually all the ants were dead, gobbled up or Read more

Oct 6

You have no idea what you are talking about and what DLSS actually is...

Sep 12

One would think it would be your job as a human being to not be a complete asshole.