Oct 31

Well, he was at least kind enough to confirm the bad faith with all of his follow-up replies. lol

Oct 26

Well, at least RDR2 has been uniformly consistent in being disappointing. 

Oct 20

And now for all the regressive man children to puff their chests in comments...

Oct 9

They promised all content updates would be free and supported by only cosmetic, non-gameplay affecting microtractions. Then they started selling boosts and other gameplay affecting items. And after that they started selling a yearly subscription that gated off even more content. 

Oct 9

I generally agree with the main conceit of this article, but there’s also founding to all the comments noting the legacies as already sullied. Read more

Oct 9

Then maybe Bethesda shouldn’t promise things for free after selling a broken and unfinished game?

Aug 29

Considering that white supremacy and the KKK and Nazi party were/are all built upon a pile of conspiracy theories, it’s a sound assumption.

Aug 22

He also lauded the work of John Ostrander, calling his movie a “sequel” to the artist’s run of Suicide Squad comics that captures their “spirit and the lifeblood.” Read more

Aug 8

People often excused Trump’s persona as an act in the lead-up to the election. People are dumb. And when it comes to streamers, the whole ‘it’s an act’ angle has yet to play out where it actually was an act. These aren’t actors who trained and studied the craft for years before hitting it big streaming.

Aug 5

This isn’t meeting someone or reading a name for the first time. This is their names being said in relation to an awards ceremony. You get the goddamn names right. That’s basically your only job during those moments. 

Aug 2

I’m pretty sure this is just advertising for Peacock and

Jul 15

I’m still confused why Nick Cannon was singling out albinos in the first place. 

Jul 7

I could see this getting patched in time? I hope at least. To bring it to Switch, they had to do some heavy lifting since it has no native support for HTML5. So that port was quite a bit of work for them, something they originally thought wasn’t going to be feasible (I’m so happy they were able to do it.)

Jun 26

The excuse always lobbed up from fans of these personalities are that it’s all a ‘schtick,’ and comedy. As if all these edge-lord streamers went to school for performance, spent years studying and working their craft. No, as we are seeing again and again, they’re just shitty people.

Jun 26

The scripts and writing are shit and thus, the characters are shit. The new films are built upon a foundation of wet shit. 

Jun 18

None of them should be. And when they occur, the officer should be held liable and accountable. Until there are actual consequences for brutality and all the sadism that was revealed in response to the protests, it doesn’t matter how often it happens. The institution is broken. There are no checks on the behavior. And Read more

Jun 14

This has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to modern SNL.