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It was never a dealership, its a recent build rest area of Highway 40 at Yamachiche near Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, The building is 7-8 year old, they even have their own website: its a gas station with a A&W and the section that look like a car is a convinience store / diecast&car related sign and stuff. Read more

Ya I’m not a big fan of the grill and couldn’t care less about how many styling cues were taken from other vehicles. The fact of the matter is, EVERYBODY in the industry is taking ideas and copying each other. The Chinese OEMs are just more “in-your-face” about the design copying. Nobody is innovative anymore so we’ll Read more

No, not often times. The only two cars that have a center-mounted shifter in Mercedes are the GT and the CLA/GLA45. Every other model, including AMGs have column mounted gear selectors. Read more

You are 100% correct. Overall the unibody architecture and even many parts have been identical in the current Sienna since the 2003 version, as in, going on 16 years with really only sheetmetal and interior changes, which is truly bananas, you’d think Toyota hired a bunch of GM engineers or something.  Read more

In this case, a 4,200-pound pig. Read more

Haven’t been in either, honestly. So, I can say whatever I want as a keyboard comando. Read more

I hope the Stinger succeeds too because I heard it’s a great car, but let’s see. It’s not exactly what most people need. Read more

Nah, Communist fuel is 80 octane :D

My humble apologies as an advocate for manual transmissions in 2018. It is indeed, as you so eloquently state, a lost art. Dare I say, a dark art as well. Read more

Just don’t bring the Mustang...

He just told the whole bloody world he’s been fired for not performing, of course he’s not coming on! Read more

Or any Mazda with the ActiveX engine

Funny how it’ll be called the Apollo IE, a very fast car that shares its acronym with something known to be very slow

It’s a real strategy for some start-ups. Hell, some just try to be a big enough pain in the ass so a bigger firm will pay them not to play. Read more