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Maybe make it Abrodolph Lincler instead.

A 4-cylinder Supra is not a Supra but a Celica. Read more

Or symptoms like platforms that persist over 15 years. Read more

I wish that manufacturers would use Android One as a default Read more

TL;DR: vote with your wallet and stop buying their phones. Read more

This sounds like sound business model inherited from EA Need For Speed/Apple: offer bumpers and body kits as DLCs and accessories. Read more

BMW Canada is seemingly not allowing orders of any 2020 2-series without an M-Sport package... You can’t remove it from the configurator at all. Read more

But this is 7-day immediate which is separate from court sentencing, which is very likely a year or more if convicted. Read more

It’s actually on the OPP tweet hashtag, #7daylicensesuspension. Read more

I think it’s 7-day license suspension for the immediate penalty, not 1-3 years. Anything beyond that are HTA and Criminal offenses. Read more

I wonder if it used to be a dealership. The giant glass windows, and the way the entrance is off to the side says a car showroom. Read more

Same applies to the 2 Gran Coupe because the thing looks like it’s a rejected Elantra refresh.

This is a common request and it’s really no big deal. Read more

Both the MID4 tail light designs eventually showed up on the production Silvia S14 and S15s.

But as we move on to the R32 from 1989, it’s where things really get interesting. The sedan version manages to look amazingly pretty.

The concept itself did start its life as a Vauxhall concept car, the VX Lightning. Only issue was that the Kappa was never engineered to be RHD, so Vauxhall never got a version. Read more

Well one can argue the Ecotec under the hood traces its roots back to the Opel and Lotus, since they lead the development. Read more

As a Solstice owner... I take “parts bin car” as a compliment. It just means my op-cost is low even for a low production vehicle. Read more

Surprised there were no mentions of exposed rivets in this section. Read more