Tomi Marchant
Dec 28 2018

You left out one of the more egregious parts of the abuse, in that the hotel DID NOT EVEN REFUND HIS FUCKING MONEY FOR THE ROOM.

Nov 19 2018

There is no such thing as a “good cop.” Fuck every last “law enforcement” officer.

Oct 19 2018

Why did this bitch run away like she was playing ding-dong-ditch, though? That’s the most perplexing thing to me.

Sep 26 2018

Just another of the infinite examples of white supremacy being coddled by those in “authority” and the women who love white penises. PoC are always seen as the aggressor in altercations, despite whites always being the ones to instigate said altercations. Read more

Sep 12 2018

There is no such thing as a ‘good’ “law enforcement” officer.

Sep 11 2018

Another day, another worthless, soulless European American exposing herself...

Sep 6 2018

It is always white people who do this. They think the whole world is their fucking oyster, and they truly believe that we are in their space.

Sep 6 2018

Moral of the story: Never waste your time trying to help a European American. They are innately ungrateful and self-serving. Let them help themselves.  Read more

Sep 3 2018

Thank you for bringing the truth to this European American blog, prepare for the white tears. I shouldn’t have had to scroll down so far to find this.

Sep 2 2018

Another day, another worthless, soulless European American exposed.