The-Ever-Socially-Apathetic TBAL
7:51 PM

Rotary are only unreliable if you try to use them like a piston engine. Of you ring them out to redline at least once everytime you wont get the carbon build up that destroys the apex seals.

7:38 PM

As the owner of two Mazda’s and a lover of the brand all I have to say is fuck you Mazda. I’m so fucking sick of execs hyping up shit that never happens. No, the Miata isn’t enough on its own to represent Mazda in the sportscar world. Where is the speed 3, the speed 6, fuck even a speed Miata would satisfy me to some Read more

12:44 PM

I have to give Kia props, they are certainly pushing forward much more aggressively than a lot other car makers, which continue mainly to get more expensive and less BMW and Audi. And although I’m still not ready to buy one, their designs are mostly pretty good looking, particularly for the lower-end Read more

12:03 PM

Most people that buy BMW buy it for the BMW name badge so they could brag that they drive a BMW. “I drive a Kia” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. That’s how it will always be. BMW could build a car with a quality of a Lada and it would still be more desirable than a Kia that’s built like a Rolls Royce. The sad Read more

12:02 PM

The phrase “four-door coupe” really irritates me.

1:53 AM

Those dudes, they... they want to have sex with you. Sorry.

8:26 PM

at the same time.. guys don’t just “hang out” with girls to be friends. There are always exceptions but I’d guess 98% of the time if a guy wants to hang out with a girl he likes her. I’ve never asked a girl to hang out I was at least a little interested in. just letting you know to not be naive that some of your guy Read more

3:14 PM

Both of these cars are tech driven not driver driven. I sure hope these are NOT the examples of where car culture is going, heavy complex hybrids with fake noise and fast acceleration. The first gen NSX already is a classic and this second gen will be forgotten. Please please Honda don’t screw up a successor to the Read more

8:34 AM

Agreed. There is nothing attractive about this car. Even the colour is lame.

6:18 PM

What the hell is happening here? That wheel arch, the DLO, the bumpy roof edge spoiler bumps, bumper slats... Too many things, not at all coherent.

4:26 PM

the more i look at it, the worse and worse it gets.

the hood scoop looks tacked on (and apparently is) the flares on the front look good but then the back fenders dont match that aesthetic. from the side it looks like a downsized Accord cross-tour (bleck), and the rear end is just an unmitigated fucking disaster.

Honda Read more

4:16 PM

Stunning? Get yo eyez checked. There isn’t a single, cohesive, design element. Nothing. It looks like a 12 year old opened up a 20 year old issue of Import Tuner, jacked off to one of the models, and picked every part that his splooge landed on.

3:38 PM

This is what happens when designers take adderall.

“Jim, don’t worry. It’s Sept. 28th and we have until Oct. 29th to finish the desi-.... OH SHIT. GET ME A DRAWING TABLET, SEVEN PROTOTYPE INTERNS, AND SOME DRUGS IMMEDIATELY.”