The-Ever-Socially-Apathetic TBAL

It’s still a disgrace to humanity that you procreated Matt. Read more

I just looked that commercial up.

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Aaaaahhh yes, Cosplay: Where we live vicariously through someone else and then seek to be celebrated for it.


I’m just going to go dress up like a car now, since I really love my 300ZX Z32.

Excuse me. Read more

Speed and power are pointless. I’d rather have fun driving slow than not have fun driving fast. Read more

Can I just say that the Ford Focus sedan is hideous?

I just wanna say that.

Doesn’t matter though... I guess I’ll be forever gray. Read more

I said this 2 years ago, and got lambasted by the commentariat and the staff alike.

Fuck this site. Read more

I respect your 944 decision. I’m 10G into a Nissan 300ZX N/A, which I bought for 3000, because no Twin Turbo example would ever be as reliable as my car can be, handle as excitingly on the limit, or be as useable as mine is.

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First of all, this guy is an idiot. Who drives at 100+mph on a public road?

Second of all, he doesn’t know his line. He goes into a sweeping right hander without knowing where the crest of the apex is, and enters through the inside of the turn. It was going to end bad long before he ever entered that sweeper.

Third of Read more

Shut up you liberal airhead morons.

I can’t walk into my work as a professional suitor in sandals just cause my last job at the surfshop allowed for it.

You wanna be respected for your content, then you have to create respectful content. Your owners and directors have the right to do whatever the Hell they want to do, Read more

Looking at something as bland as this makes me physically sick.

Seriously. I can’t even explain why I’m so revolted by it. Read more

People use Facebook because it’s the best way to keep in touch with people internationally in the modern era.

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Cause the content is usually good - until it does a sort of spotlight search for sympathy from its readers for losing its beloved leader.

You guys are like a lost DPRK with no Kim Jong Un. Read more

Eww, you like blowjobs from 67 year olds?

There’s something wrong with you bro. Seek help. Read more

No, Gawker Media was never newsworthy news. Read more

They were built, and sold in Japan.

Do some research. Read more

We’re still on this? You guys aren’t even part of Gawker anymore, and you’re still complaining. Holy shit. Read more

Let’s not forget that it did that on the dirt.


On dirt. Read more

The guy would be an idiot to let a 13 year old have a go in his 497HP, F1 inspired hypercar. Read more