The-Ever-Socially-Apathetic TBAL
Aug 24 2015
Sub-Huracan Design Sketch

I drew this over the course of 15 minutes today, as an idea for a mid-engined V8 car to slide under the Huracan. I

Jun 30 2015
TBAL's Coffee Break

Welcome to the first feature in TBAL’s weekly Coffee Break, where I feature some of the designs I’ve been working

Aug 6 2014
The "Ticket"

Every car guy I meet claims to be a God behind the wheel, but I rarely hear their "Fuck up" stories, which is likely

Jun 23 2014
Memoirs of a Woody Wagon

I didn't like his arrogance. I didn't like that he had Optimus Prime. I didn't like that he thought he could draw