Sep 14

They had a big turnover in staff, and I think a lot of the new hires only found out they were writing for a car blog the first day they showed up for work. Read more

Jun 26

“So get your hate out of here.” Name one episode of the Dukes that showed hate? The flag was not an instrument of hate like the Nazi symbol, it was a battle flag of people who are actually veterans of the US military. Do I support the South’s fight in the Civil War, nope. But I respect the people right to fly that Read more

Jun 12

There you might get banned from daily life if act like an ass.

Nov 27

GUUUUUUH I’m so tired of answering this question. The sources are not hard to find if you look.

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May 7 2019

Ah yes, a Volkswagen product. Known for their reliability and ease of maintenance.

May 6 2019

Oh god now DT is gonna buy the worst one he can find and will jankily restore it while driving it to Moab next year

May 1 2019

No, the software was programmed to know that cyclists inherently think they own the road and will ignore yield signs, traffic lights and generlly pull out in front of moving traffic while demanding equal treatment from motorists. Read more

May 1 2019

Fuck that cyclist though for just going into the car’s lane without even looking.

Apr 21 2019

You seem like a pretty smart guy, David. Why are you doing this?

Mar 31 2019

It’s strange how Europeans think that VW’s are so reliable. I used to work with a lot of Germans and they swore that VW was the most reliable brand. It must be because they’ve never owned a Honda or Toyota.

Mar 27 2019

Something about the smoothness and speed of that clip makes me think it’s cgi.

Jun 8 2018

The egregious and terrible nature of the core take here almost distracts from the absolutely heinous addendum about the best kind of pizza. Read more