toecutter (so grey, I gotta wear shades)
Nov 25

You don’t want to get the vaccine? That’s okay with me. I never liked you anyway.”

Nov 19

I have two graduate degrees and a good position that requires both degrees. They are not in exciting topics and were pursued with the end goal of getting the job I currently have. I would have loved to have studied comparative religion, linguistics, Russian, women’s studies, or literature and am super jealous of Read more

Nov 14

Lanceros and petite coronas for me. Its interesting, most blenders will try to find a size that works for a blend, playing with ratios and not all cigar blends can be scaled successfully to maintain the same flavor in different sizes. I’ve also felt that thick ring gauges (especially the trend towards the 6x60s) let Read more

Nov 13

I mulch them down and then put a thick layer down on top of my raised garden beds over the winter while it’s dormant. Then come spring I mix in some fresh compost and plant. 

Nov 3

An atom walks into a bar looking very depressed.

Bartender asks “What’s the problem?”

Atom says “I’ve lost an electron.”

Bartender asks, “Are you sure?”

Atom replies, “Yes, I’m positive.”

Nov 3

Since we all need a little levity today: A neutron walks into a bar and orders a beer. He asks the bar keeper “How much” and the bar keeper replies “For you sir, no charge.”

Oct 30

Russia did not “hack” the election. Revelations regarding activity around the already circus-like 2016 election have not found any proven impact on the outcome.” Read more

Oct 28

Electric is fine if all you’re doing is boiling a pot of water.  If I want to use a wok or have any control of the heat it’s like babies first stove.   

Oct 28

The hilarious thing to me, as a near-lifelong Northerner, is the prohibition on new gas lines cited in the article as being in effect in some places, though none of them must be anywhere near me or in any sort of climate where an actual furnace is an indispensable requirement for maintaining human life in conditions Read more

Oct 28

Tough titty. I’ll cook with gas until it is banned by law and a new induction cooktop, including all installation charges — so, replacement of my oven and a new countertop — are paid for by the government. And, I get to pick the new oven and cooktop. Also, my electricity rate is going to have to be as low as my gas Read more

Oct 12

Another factor to consider is that some life insurance will allow you to collect before you die for certain terminal illnesses. Gruesome thought, but it may be a good way of supplementing your health insurance for those just in case situations.

Sep 28

For the love of God, please stick to your roots. We need more tech hacks, more Gina, and less politics. We have many (better) sources for politics. I’m about ready to peel my old Lifehacker sticker off my laptop....

Aug 17

Facing consequences for raping women over decades (really just once even) is fine. Facing consequences legally is fine. But to get upset that a children’s author is a TERF - and she definitely will treat a trans person with respect if she meets them if my other TERF friends are used as models - is pointless Read more

Aug 17

Get over the fact that other people, even people you like, won’t have the same opinion as you. Cancel culture is stupid.