Nevertheless, ToastedCheeser persisted
10:16 PM

I didn’t realize how much I checked my phone until I deleted them! I still check every now and then on my laptop, but I don’t feel like I’m wasting time or getting too emotional now.

9:06 PM

This week was kind of a “blah” week. I really miss the schedule of school! I’ve just been putzing around and reading, doing some cleaning, helping with some day camp stuff. I was in kinda a bad place last week and made the decision to delete Facebook and Twitter from my phone to stop the bombardment of idiocy. I feel Read more

10:37 PM

Trying to find a summer groove. Today I cleaned a bit, read a book, and took a nap. Summer is relaxing, but it’s also a little lonely because I don’t see a lot of people. Right now I’m waiting out a tornado/thunderstorm watch.

10:08 PM

I am starting summer with pinkeye (thanks, kiddos!) and trying to put my house back in order. The last few months I have been really shoddy with the housekeeping. I’m also trying to figure out what I want to eat this week that is relatively easy and doesn’t require an oven. I AM SICK OF SALADS.

8:26 AM

They are gorgeous! I am picturing being surrounded by them while being caressed by a cool mist. This helps mitigate the heat/swampy/sweat situation in which I currently find myself.

9:23 PM

It very well could have been! My head is messed up lately. I thought this morning it was a Saturday and that my alarm shouldn’t have been going off. When I realized it was only Tuesday, I became very sad and Charlie Brownish.