Nevertheless, ToastedCheeser persisted
Oct 12 2018

My 20th birthday. It was joint party at my first apartment with my then roommate. Our birthdays are close so we ended up combining parties, but then combining with a bunch of our other friends so it turned into a Godzilla of a party. We decided it was Spice Girls themed but me and my roommate were the only people who Read more

Oct 12 2018

Back in the 90s I was at a party with a band playing in the front room. Lead singer decided to do some kind of fire tricks and HIS FACE CAUGHT ON FIRE. He sang one more song until the ambulance came. I was sober.

Oct 12 2018

One night I was just tagging along with some friends to a party my senior year of college. It turned out that the party I was going to was a *3 month anniversary party* for this dude and his long-distance girlfriend. Read more

Oct 12 2018

The last time I drank tequila was in 1996. My BFF/roommate and I went to a party at a friend’s apartment. BFF was going to tell a boy she was in love with him, not knowing that he had chosen that occasion to announce his super-gayness. Whoops! Read more

Oct 11 2018

My family immigrated to America from Korea when I was seven years old. I remember very few things about my childhood there, but this particular incident remains seared to my memory. Read more

Oct 10 2018

This is actually kind of sweet, I think. Uncanny, but sweet.

I had just lost my job - I’m a single dad and this hit hard; I live in northern Michigan, positions in my field are difficult to find, and the company, based in San Francisco, just kind of phased my position out. I’m prone to depression, so I got really low, Read more

Oct 9 2018

The summer after my sophomore year of college, my parents asked me to house sit for them while they went out of town for a long weekend. At the time, they lived in a fairly remote area so it was a bit of a trek, but it was a big beautiful house on the lake and my parents’ pets were sweethearts. First night I actually Read more

Oct 9 2018

When we were kids, my sister and I watched “Now and Then” with our neighbor friends. We were 4 girls between the ages of 9 and 13 - I was the youngest. Despite my mom’s religious upbringing and banning of Ouija boards and anything else that could be considered Satanic, the movie exposed us to the concept of a seance.

Na Read more

Sep 21 2018

Unfortunately, Tan has said multiple times that he likes Bieber’s style. Headdesk. I love Tan, but it pisses me off that this so-called style that a poor person would have made over on the show is lauded in the wealthy.

Aug 7 2018

Any “America’s sweetheart” will do. That title is the kiss of death for an actress as far as exploring her talent goes.

Jul 17 2018

My first reaction to this was, what a lovely moment for mothers everywhere. I don’t think she was trying to glamorize her child as an accessory - do you really believe that was what this moment was about for her? Yes it made headlines, the kind headlines I like to see more of. I’m sort of astounded at Jezebel’s Read more

Jul 15 2018

Most recently, of course, I’ve finished Kitchens of the Great Midwest. Currently, I’m reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Still Waters by Viveca Sten. Read more

Jul 10 2018

Unlike everyone else who hates heat and is too hot, I who love heat am grumbling around in 11.3c (52ishF) Antarctictude. I mean, if climate change is at this point irreversible and we’re all doomed, surely Sydney can knock it off with days under 24c and let me enjoy the remainder of our sleigh-ride to hell. Read more