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12:15 AM

A bit of a non sequitur, but since you mentioned David Halberstam, I want to mention a couple great reads: “The Reckoning” (I read it in University for a political economics class, but car buffs might be fascinated too); and also his Michael Jordan bio, “Playing For Keeps.” I am not very well read in basketball — or Read more

3:42 PM

When you say “Ugh” I choose to believe you meant to say “Yeah! Finally!”

11:48 PM

Can you please tell me what movie that’s from!?? It’s going to drive me crazy!

11:24 PM

I understood almost none of this post (sorry, I’m just a bit out of my element). But the fact that the statement “stabbed in the back” required the clarification of “metaphorically” is just fantastic. :)

7:55 PM

After trying for 10 years, I got pregnant by chance (and dumb luck, i guess!) at 39. My daughter has now just turned 5 and I love being a 40 something mom! Whatever you decide will be right for you, though. Good luck!

10:47 PM

They're spectacular dresses aren't they? I'm going to look at them everyday to motivate ate my ass onto the treadmill!

11:38 AM

Sometimes ya just want to change your look, right? So, yeah, while KK's dark look is probably 'better' overall, I'm not hating the blonde. Especially with the dark eyebrows. She's pretty but she ALWAYS looks the same usually, so this is a fun twist. Read more

9:58 PM

I'm STILL somewhat like this, I just hide it better! (OCD treatment in my 20s helped a lot.) Unfortunately I see similar tendencies in my 4 year old, so I'm paying close attention to how that progresses. In small things, it's a good sign of empathy in a child, I think. Read more

1:12 AM

I don't know anything much about this affair with Hershey. But I wanted to share this: I'm in Canada and every year (for many years now) I ship out a few boxes of candy each year to American friends and family who prefer our candy to their's. We have realized over the years that the issue was largely with the sugars Read more

11:06 AM

Black and white film, French cafe music...? Hmmmm. Sorry, but no way was she about to down vodka in that scene! Read more

2:30 AM

I'm in Canada but generally use amazon.com for most orders. Does anyone know if streaming is permitted for Canadian based customers who subscribe to prime thru the amazon.com site? If so, I'd definitely get this, but I really can't tell from the online info. (The prime membership offered at amazon.ca says nothing Read more

I'm in Canada but generally use amazon.com for most orders. Does anyone know if streaming is permitted for Canadian

1:44 AM

I have no gif. But I'm sorry for this hurdle you're facing. My own husband has been sober (not to assume your husband's specific lapse) for our entire marriage now (15 yrs) and i worry about the scenario you are facing so much. What would i do? What would I feel if he fell off the wagon? Read more

3:26 AM

I'm sort of amazed this is considered gossip - because in 20 ish years of doing the sex thing, I have YET to meet the guy that DIDN'T want this. Read more

9:18 PM

Hi Ms Lindy! So, that seemed like a slightly sharp (or "snarky-light"?) dirt bag summation for you. (Not all of it, of course; but more than your general approach, maybe?) Read more