11:08 AM

I turned off my adblocker (yes, all those horrible videos!!) have tried every browser out there including Safari on my Windows laptop and I still can’t use the site most of the time. I was able to see your comment, but the ‘load more comments’ still isn’t working for me. I think gawker just abandoned it all. I am in Read more

5:22 PM

I can’t load “more comments”, can’t see anything pending...who even knows if this will go through since 99% of my comments don’t. But honestly, all voting aside, (gawker killed it all!) when Alan left, I saw the writing on the wall. I think maybe he did too and that’s why he left. Who knows? I have a handful of people Read more

12:39 PM

Well, with light at the end of the tunnel as they say, you shouldn’t be degrading. You should be moving toward something else. Two years is a long time to change career direction. Gives you time too to look into learning something new! Either way, I have no doubt you’ll land on your feet. You don’t give yourself Read more

8:59 AM

Actually, it’s not. Whisky is uniquely a Scots spelling. The Irish use the added e.

3:47 PM

Glenlivet is amazing and should only ever be sipped. Whether neat or over ice though, it’s Whisky, NOT Whiskey!

12:39 PM

Brach’s Candy Corn for the win! I love it. I eat bags of it at Halloween time and then miss it the rest of the year. I don’t care if it’s good for me or not. I don’t eat it every day. And I won’t eat any other brand or configuration because...not candy corn!

1:00 PM

I love this idea! I make a sort of ‘goulash’ with bulk breakfast sausage, mushrooms, onion, garlic, worcestershire, beef broth, diced tomatoes, elbows, and a giant squeeze of Heinz Simply ketchup. It’s much yummier with the ketchup. And I’ve been using the Simply Heinz because, while it tastes the same as their Read more

2:29 PM

The bologna bowl (and quite possibly this sammie) are best served with Kowalski Garlic Bologna. Food of the gods...and every bit in its own way as good as bacon ;) 

9:51 AM

I’ve been trying for two days to answer you. I’m trying again for a third now...*sigh* Read more

2:28 PM

I’m still here, Moon! I just can’t ever seem to be able to comment anymore. I keep getting error messages and blank screens and if this goes through, it will be a miracle. Every once in awhile it works, but I just kind of gave up. Read more

9:59 AM

This is to Brad Kuhn since I still can’t seem to comment often and the replies won’t work at all. I have a Meijer with pick up, but it’s eight miles farther from me than the one I usually walk into to shop. By the time I get done with all of the driving, I’ve still overpaid. My problem is, we’re fairly rural so I’m Read more

1:48 PM

I buy two of the 101 oz 100% cranberry juice each week. In Meijer, it’s $5.29 each. If I do a Shipt order, the price goes up to $7.29 each. I will probably be canceling my Shipt at the end of the year and just picking my pulled and ready order up from WalMart instead since they don’t change the prices. 

10:40 AM

Channel 972 on my SiriusXM channel lineup

5:52 PM

Still have the bedroom floor to redo, then we’ll start on replacing the drywall and painting upstairs and sprucing up the bath. Then carpet (an inexpensive berber, nothing fancy) up there and hopefully, that will only leave the kitchen for next year. I hope. Read more

7:03 PM

No kidding! My comment went through! I haven’t been able to comment, except for one time I think, in months now. Read more

4:40 PM

Moon? Hmmm...let’s see if this comment will go through. None of them have been again. Read more