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If you are if you are having a procedure outside of a hospital you are either uninformed, or an idiot. Every surgical procedure carries with it a risk of something going wrong or death. Every single one. Doctors offices and outpatient clinics are woefully unprepared for serious emergencies. If you're in a hospital you Read more

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Healthcare Healthcare professional here working in surgical areas... It is much harder to reverse a vasectomy Than People imagine. It is incredibly painful it is somewhat risky with dubious likelihood of success. An abortion is a much simpler safe for procedure

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Vinyl definitely sounds different, and a new pressing of, say Zeppelin II or Dark Side of the Moon, albums engineered to be listened to on vinyl, may sound better that way, at least the first handful of plays if on outstanding equipmemt and cared for meticulously thereafter. As for high-end high-ticket equipment Read more

Vinyl definitely sounds different, and a new pressing of, say Zeppelin II or Dark Side of the Moon, albums

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To a degree that’s true, and as a guy who has walpapered his bar with six pack sides I’ve occasionally fallen pretty to the shiny cool fun label over the beer I know tastes better but... Micros so taste better. They just do. And hot sauces are different - I have five in my fridge now, all foe different applications. Read more

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The problem isn't just that you are so far away, it is also that you are in Cleveland.  Sorry man hope it's not your fault. 

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What a suprise... Two regional small brands 90% of us haven't heard of win.  Hipster nation rules!!! 

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That's what I do.  Currently doing HBO... when I've watched what I want I will move on.  Who has more than a handful of hours a week for TV anyway? 

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More articles like this please!  Tha KS! 

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Could not agree more.  I am a former hardcore football fan who had become disillusioned and put off by the game.  Started with the ESPN-ification of the broadcasts, style and hype over, ya know, the actual game that let me to think deeper about it.. Came to the conclusion I just don't need to, actually should not, Read more

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Quick fix: at breakfast tuck that butter patty under your coffee mug for 30 seconds.  Perfectly soft. 

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It’s not a buttery topping... And don’t even asked what the gravy in the biscuits and gravy is made with. Read more

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No need to import any beer... And your identification of Anchor's porter is perfect.  America can rightfully claim to be the best beer country in the world... Too bad the rest of the world still believes we are the land of BudMillerCoorsNattyDaddy. 

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I will I will submit, if they may have been not a great micro... But... At their price point they were so better than most in Canadian, Budweiser, Coors, or anything else you got as a starving college student. This is back in the early 90s when Sam Adams was considered premium premium beer I know a lot of people don't Read more

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They have some good beers... The Black Forest in particular, and they were making IPA long before most others were touting it as the best thing ever.  And hey, how many decent to good beers can you get for well under $20 a 12 pack these days?  Saranac is good, yes not great, but good.  Solid.  Not everyone gets to be Read more