Extremely same. I am a big ol’ chicken when it comes to movies, but I love these!  Read more

Thank you for writing this up. This is what it is like to be a woman, every day. More stories like this need to be shared. I am sorry you were put in that situation, and sorry about the societal structures that disempowered you despite your own inner strength. Read more

I read this, then I said “Sheep are serious mother fuckers” out loud, and my husband took issue with that. But....Sheep are serious mother fuckers. Read more

But like, isn’t the entirety of therapy to convince us to question those tiny little brain patterns? And like, being an anxious person, I literally doubt my perception of anything. Read more

My husband’s first MIL apparently had a run-in with good old Ted, and lived to tell the tale. Read more

I *also* judge people for buying dogs when so many need to be rescued.

Also, a rescue dog could literally be alone for 2 minutes and bark. I’ve had my boy for 5 years, and if he’s anxious, that can happen! Read more

Ugh, I’m sorry hon. I understand. I believe you. We all need to do a better job of believing women. Read more

Same. Given the right pressure, I go from sweet and smiling to hell on earth with knives for nails. Read more

I love this line. You did good with that one. Read more

Have you tried Dialectical Behavior Therapy? That was a good start for me toward a better approach - because CBT made me feel like shit. The poster above expressed it - I know what’s wrong. I know these feelings are wrong. But I still have them, PLUS I now feel like shit for it. DBT is a little more affirmative and Read more

I am in a similar boat. Rather than CBT, I’ve worked with my therapist to say “here is X problem. How do I handle this?” and we walk through specific ways to respond/react, and then I can start to apply those approaches to other situations that are similar.

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I have started off therapy appointments by saying to therapists “I’ve been here, done this *list of long and varied modalities* and in the end, I will tell you, 99% of the time I think I am smarter than the therapist, annoyed by what they suggest, and will try to argue back against what you suggest.”

The best Read more

Another ethnically Magyar here with total agreement. I make chicken paprikash for all my friends, even though I don’t eat meat - because it’s so so so so good when made right (how my grandmother taught me).

Also, Duolingo has a Hungarian course that makes learning our non-Indo-european language just ever so slightly Read more

I’m loathe to even offer that as a win to him. Read more

Literally fuck this guy. I hate him so much. I can’t help it. I nearly punched my radio when I got to my car and heard his Fox & Friends quote on NPR. Like, I can’t even any more. Read more

We took our rescue dog out for a Halloween event in the park, and some kid in a costume bent down near him - and pup FREAKED. We up and left, like, immediately. Read more

I have loved Aziz Ansari for years. I’m on the all the dates episode right now of season 2, and I am SO glad I am married. Read more

It’s 95 right now outside, and we just gave the dogs an sponge bath indoors to cool them off. We have all the windows closed, and the fans on, but still - ugh. Read more