Dec 27 2017

I liked Chrissy’s tweet about how the boarding pass scanner is apparently just a beedoop machine that goes beedoop. Read more

Oct 30 2017

They’re disgusting vermin who hide in the shadows and defile their landscape. Their breeding habits are particularly revolting. For every item they devour, they ruin ten more. Read more

Oct 13 2017

A Cranberry Wilderness story! That place is creepy as fuck. There are quite a few spots around Monongahela that are creepy, but that place in particular scared my boyfriend so badly at night that as soon as I woke up and peed he was ready to bolt right out of there. And he was a pretty rugged camping/hiking type, but Read more

Oct 13 2017

Raccoons should have their own blog on here. I have roughly 100 raccoon stories to tell.

Oct 13 2017

Running with your topic, I and the car full of teenagers I was driving around on Halloween once had our lives perhaps saved by a large Allah-sent raccoon.
We had a Turkish exchange student staying with my family for the year, and she and her friends wanted to go to this Halloween party. I volunteered to drive her and Read more

Aug 18 2017

“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” Read more

Aug 18 2017

As the saying goes, “You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.” Read more

Aug 18 2017

Unsolicited advice from someone who survived a very necessary estrangement from her own mother: beware of anyone who attempts to convince you that you should be able to look past this. I wish someone had told me 20 years ago that “blood is not thicker than safety.” Thank you and good luck.

Aug 9 2017

You are right, I oversimplified. I meant to say that purebred dogs and dogs from puppy mills are more prone to health issues that mutts. I don’t mean to malign ethical breeders, although frankly I have issues with anyone breeding and selling dogs due to the number of healthy, unwanted dogs that are euthanized every Read more

Aug 9 2017

My last neighbor was one of the latter. She put a note on my door literally complaining about hearing my *footsteps* after 9 PM. So I’m sort of sympathetic to Thereux, but he still needs to either take care of his dog or pay a pet sitter to hang out with it during the day.

Aug 9 2017

Exactly. Of all people, Theroux has the money to pay for doggie daycare, and the fact that the digs are rescues mean they may need more attention rather than that anything their rescuer does is a-ok.

Aug 9 2017

I think he has assistants/dog walkers to check on his pets. ETA: I am bored and enjoy looking at pictures of both Theroux and dogs, so I did some googling. He has a long history of adopting/rescuing dogs and has had several pitbulls. He’s worked on animal rights advocacy about unchaining dogs, and gotten tattoos of Read more

Aug 8 2017

Yeah, if that shit happened to me and he had the audacity to come back and ignore me later - as if he genuinely couldn’t give a shit whether I’m alive or not - I probably would’ve blacked out and had a “YOU SON OF A BITCH” moment. Read more

Aug 8 2017

Major props to the bus driver with the quick but safe swerve. That poor woman would likely be dead if that driver hadn’t reacted so quickly. Also props to the passengers for getting off to help. People can be horrifying shits but when you look for the helpers, you’re reminded that they aren’t all bad. Read more

Aug 5 2017

It’s a cliché but you really should live life like every day’s going to be the last. Read more

Jul 16 2014

That always pisses me off too. I mean, that land _was_ stolen. We just don't give a shit about the people from whom we took it, cause we honor them with a lovely football team in DC. Read more

Dec 17 2013

Visual aid for full appreciation of this noble beast.

Dec 16 2013

I was playing Paulette the hairdresser in "Legally Blonde the Musical" and got to share the stage with a majestic bulldog named Sir Gordo. They didn't turn my mic off after he and I left the stage together on opening night and so the whole audience was treated to me saying, in the puppy voice "Gordo bordo! You were so Read more