Nov 17

Speaking of which, I found that you can cheese the absolute hell out of zealot fights even at low power levels, provided they’re close to shore. Just call in your longship, take command, and then use your now-infinite supply of arrows to machinegun them with a light bow while rowing your ship slightly forward or Read more

Oct 17

My older brother had an intellivision and was really into AD&D at the time. My first ‘horror’ game were either of the AD&D games made for that system: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin (i believe both were also released in ‘82).

Oct 16

To be fair, it’s mostly because the Republicans in Congress are split between those who want to pull the pipes out of the walls then the electrical wire before the whole thing collapses, and those who want to pull the wire first.

Oct 16

“. . . you can make it like you would your favorite martini. I went with two and a half ounces of gin and a half ounce of sherry.” Read more

Oct 10

Once I heard that testing is at best somewhat uncomfortable I thought no fucking way is he being tested daily.

Sep 27

The head is turned/ facing not directly at the flirting target, but the eyes are not looking in the direction the nose is pointing, they’re shifted to the side back at the target. Like, give someone the side eye but smile to make it sexy. Read more

Sep 25

Another slightly less sinister reason may be that writers work nebulous hours so they don’t have to explain why the character isn’t at work when half the movie takes place during the day, or why they can stay up all night with nowhere to be in the morning.