Sep 4

“If you don’t support the LGBTQ community, you don’t support me. You don’t support my family and the people I love. So all you delusional and fake religious/self-righteous weirdos unfollow and unsubscribe.” Read more

Aug 29

My tolerance for liquor has gone way up, I’ve become a much better shot, and I have something to look forward to every morning when I check to see if the president has died yet. Read more

Aug 29

Every day is a fresh new hellscape from which there seems to be no escape and no way out, and just when you think the unimaginable horrors of the previous day are dead and gone, some new terrifying reality manifest itself. The rules of reality no longer have meaning, facts and truths are treated as enemies of reason, Read more

Aug 23

New Missy Elliot, you say?

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Aug 22

Awww...behold the unwavering support of Contributing Editor Angela Helm, y’all.

Aug 21

I don’t even know who Fiona is, but yes, my meal prepping did, unfortunately, suffer last weekend (and might again this weekend, since my editor is coming to town for a hang)—but I’ve revisited your post daily for organizational inspo, which will come in handy whether I’m eating carcasses or not! Read more

Aug 21

For me, at first, I was obsessing over weight loss that I was ignoring how I was feeling until I went to doctor and he gave me blood work results. He said “good news” something he’d never said before and told me that my numbers were down dramatically. Read more

Aug 17

I didn’t have to click on the article to know you’d written it just based on that damn headline. You deserve a Pulitzer for them.

Aug 14

He can help guide Robert Kraft through the ins and outs of the American Criminal Justice system. The owners are desperate enough to give Mr. Carter half time and entertainment thinking this will bring the perceived enemy closer and trying to keep him under control. It’s like when America used to allow real elections Read more

Aug 7

Good list...but um...Missy Elliot? MC Lyte? I mean who rocks the party when the rain is on your window?