Sweet Trav
Aug 3

In general, there really isn’t a limit to the amount of information I enjoy reading/watching about Monkey Island.

Jul 30

Evergreen image.

Elon always sucks.

Somehow his flock still manages to be worse.

Jul 30

Keeping in mind that arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias out there, I do have to admit that I find myself saddened every time I see people speak out against spiders. I love spiders. Spiders are amazing. Most species of spider aren’t actually harmful to humans. In fact, they’re generally quite helpful Read more

Jul 28

Being in the midwest, this is why my next vehicle investment will be an aluminum F-150. Not because it’s a Ford, but because rust is the #1 truck killer around here. You can’t even go 10 years before your rockers rusting through. Mechanically, there is no reason modern vehicles couldn’t be taken to 250,000 miles Read more

Jul 20

Say what you want about her choice, but damn....... it worked. The cops were so confused they left.

Jul 15

If you need a 7 year loan to handle a $28,000 car maybe you should rethink your priorities.

Jul 15

Prior to the 402 being completed between London and Sarnia in the early 80's, and depending where you lived in Metro Detroit, the tunnel was the better bet. Once the 402 was completed, it became a no-brainer if you lived north of 8 Mile Road. 

Jul 10

Honestly, I can’t stand most of Ubisoft’s open world games. They always feel like giant checklists and time sinks rather than focused products with quality content.

Jul 7

“Visionaries … psychiatric wards are full of them” - James Bond

Yes, I quoted James Bond. F-U-C-K the “visions” of uncreative CEOs and corporate weenie nerds of title and power. Mostly bankruptcy crisis actors.