1/19/20 7:14PM

Looks like the Ghost Twins raided Colin Baker’s TARDIS wardrobe.

1/17/20 10:32PM

“...writing something that is a very real possibility...” “...story based on facts...” “feelings hurt over those actual facts...” Read more

1/15/20 8:24PM

Speaking of losers, look at the brand new account who’s only here to defend the RWA and whine about women/non-whites being added to video games.

1/15/20 7:40PM

You need to work on your reading comprehension. Also, maybe read up on some of the other sources about the controversy.

1/15/20 6:55PM

Thank you so much Kelly for writing about this! I’ve been following along on Twitter, and it’s been a shit show since day 1. I honestly don’t know how the RWA is going to survive this and suspect that it will have to close down soon. 

1/15/20 4:53PM

Psst, I’m part of the RWA, and I wrote about it here, with links to the people who are involved,and my twitter also shows a pretty good timeline of how the board of the online suspense chapter, KOD, essentially decided to dismantle the chapter rather than put out a statement taking a stand against racism and Read more

1/13/20 10:26PM

I would be happy to serve if I could be compensated for the wages (including tips, they are an important portion of my income!) I wasn’t earning and bus fare to and from (when I was filling out the form the woman just said I should ask to be reimbursed for mileage, for context I live in a rural community and just Read more

1/13/20 3:41PM

The fluid physics here aren’t impossible, though. It’s a pretty basic fabric combo that lends to absorbancy and waterproofing and has been used in baby diapers for years and years. the top layer is usually some kind of wicking cotton fabric, the same as “stay dry” undershirts or swimwear lining, the middle layer is Read more

1/11/20 3:10PM

nobody’s asking anyone to change, you adorable sweetheart

1/11/20 3:04PM

Different societies have different gender norms, stereotypes, expectations, taboos, etc. Something that’s considered typically masculine in one place can be seen as typically feminine in another. Or during another time in history. A society develops ideas about what is considered feminine and masculine, as well as Read more

1/10/20 7:27PM

I am fifty-four years old and have always been game to try oddball clothing. I came of age in the eighties. My bad clothes have been the stuff of legend. I went to one wedding in the eighties in a forties-inspired black and white dress cut down to the bottom of my sternum, white satin gloves to my elbow, and a black Read more

12/18/19 12:49PM

Driver has mentioned before that this gives him anxiety. We all know anxiety is serious and manifests differently, in different situations, on different days. Sounds like he thought what worked last time would work again, and it didn’t, so to preserve his mental health, he left. I don’t see the problem. Being rich and Read more

12/18/19 5:34AM

That they’re playing big eyed wounded innocence just confirms that they’re assholes. He asked you not to do that, you did it anyway. You suck. 

11/27/19 2:01PM

Yeah, if your’re British or run with the arty set, she’s been a fairly big name since the 90s.

11/19/19 8:56AM

Give me a break, a spoiler isn’t just ‘literally anything that happens in the movie’

11/07/19 12:06PM

I am a Love Island devotee and have to watch with subtitles it’s so hard to understand. I have learned you can be mugged off, or someone can be or act muggy; some are not just mugged off, but pied off. Never before heard “my type on paper.” Never before seen people with such unnaturally orange skin and I’ve seen Read more