1/16/20 7:35AM

Davis’ fault is writing something racist, and then lashing out when she was called out on that racism.

1/14/20 4:42AM

Just to add that idk about Thinx, but the period underwear I have, Modibodi, actually uses merino wool as the absorbent material. So nothing particularly improbable or unnatural about that. As you point out, these products aren’t actually using anything brand new, it’s just how they’re put together.

1/14/20 4:39AM

I don’t have Thinx specifically - I use Modibodi - but I actually keep the same pair on all day. In theory, according to them, you can wear them for up to 24 hours, flow-dependent of course. Can’t use them on my heaviest days, but for the rest of the period they’re fine and it feels like I’m not even on my period at Read more

12/18/19 3:45PM

Yes, something not mentioned here is that while he did sit through most of a screening of The Force Awakens, he had to leave partway through because he thought he was going to throw up. From what he’s said about this subject in the past, it seems to go beyond a simple dislike, it actually gives him serious anxiety. Read more

11/12/19 4:53AM

I remember seeing Love, Actually when it came out - I was 12 and even then thought it was a mildly entertaining but on balance fairly shit film - the adoration people have for it astonishes me!

11/11/19 11:30AM

Emma Thompson CREATED this mess. She wrote it, and is also a producer as well as starring in it. It’s all her fault!

11/07/19 9:58AM

As a British person, I’d be really interested to hear what other slang you’ve picked up from Love Island.

10/25/19 3:30AM

The linked article isn’t very helpful on that, but iirc it was more that they were enabling age discrimination by publishing that info. Less relevant for big studios, but for smaller operations, a casting director might go on IMDB and decide someone’s too old to audition based on their published age there - which may Read more

10/18/19 4:30AM

Fabulous article! My uncle worked for the British Museum, and he once showed me a document from the archives where one of the custodians in the early 20th century was complaining about the sheer number of bicycles from visitors that were getting in the way - which sounds reasonable, until you got further on and Read more

10/15/19 4:44AM

This is great, and speaks to a lot of what I’ve thought about for years as an artist who wants to become a mother one day - baffling to most of my friends, who don’t want children. Not sure about being a wife - it would be nice, but seems unlikely based on my previous track record. Read more

10/09/19 9:51AM

Yeah the coverage of this story has been really fucked up. Quite something for Jezebel to hope she gets a good therapist while being part of one of the many reasons she needs one...

10/09/19 4:34AM

That’s not exactly it - it’s a common misconception that pansexual includes trans people whereas bisexual only includes cis people. Bi people can also be attracted to people across the gender spectrum, and in fact I know people who identify as bi because they are attracted to women and non-binary people, but not men. Read more

10/08/19 12:50PM

Yeah it’s hugely dependent on context. Personally I do identify as queer, but I don’t use it for other people unless I know they use it for themselves. I think all of this arguing about whether something is definitely good or definitely not really misses the point of how most of us actually experience the world.

10/08/19 12:27PM

Fantastic, the top comment here says that pansexuality is stupid, thus proving my point. Ffs.

10/08/19 12:26PM

It just means attraction regardless of gender, and depending on your definition of bisexual, it’s just a different word for bisexual. The distinction I’ve mostly seen people use for why they identify as one or the other is that bi people often (but not always) have gender preferences whereas pan people don’t have Read more

10/08/19 11:14AM

Honestly something that put me off identifying as pan for ages was that when I first encountered the word online, there were people saying ‘I’m attracted to men, women, trans people, whoever!’ which just seemed transphobic to me. I think the discourse has moved on since then, but I agree that a 13 year old may well Read more

10/08/19 11:09AM

The issue to me seemed to not really be the scene within the context of the show, but the fact that Netflix used it as a standalone clip for promotional purposes - iirc the accompanying tweet said something like ‘this makes so much sense!’ which I think meant ‘it makes so much sense for Ali Wong to join the cast of Read more

10/08/19 11:06AM

From what I’ve seen the controversy over ‘queer’ doesn’t even seem to necessarily have a generational difference: I know plenty of older people who have always described themselves as queer and younger people who see it as a slur. I mean, people were describing themselves as queer back in the 40s and 50s, it doesn’t Read more

10/08/19 10:16AM

One particularly annoying outcome of this was how quickly ‘this cartoon’s description of pansexuality is actually kinda transphobic and biphobic’ became ‘lol pansexuals are annoying and fake and just want to be special’ from supposedly woke LGBT people on Twitter. Everything I used to hear people say about bisexuality Read more