9/04/20 2:10PM

Why is it that people can find out she’s not black and that’s okay, but when people check on Shaun King who makes money off black pain that is irrelevant to him, black men will start shouting them down on twitter that they can’t say if he’s black or not?

9/04/20 12:24AM

I honestly need to be seeing Black women, especially phenotypical Afrolatinas, the ultimate victims of that rasclot’s charade speaking on this in lengthy thinkpieces, not Black men.

8/27/20 8:50AM

I read the comments and, you know what, I am sick of you motherfuckers who are always trying to justify blatant racism! Read more

8/26/20 8:44PM

I read this article in the paper today and yep. I wish more papers and media outlets would devote ongoing stories to the true pervasiveness of systemic racism. I’m white--I don’t have to think about how much I’m being overcharged when I shop in person for a new sofa versus ordering online, etc. so it’s harder to keep Read more

8/05/20 3:06PM

Just a point of note, Chuck Norris is famously Republican, and a total MAGA Chud. He also went out of his way to support other noted alleged pedophile, sexual predator, and disgraced judge, Roy Moore.
Read more

8/05/20 11:05AM

It’s Texas. There are thousands of churches that would be happy to host their Klan rally. They specifically targeted a black church because they wanted to send a message, and waving the Confederate Flag and slurring “Blue Lives Matter” wasn’t quite enough for these assholes if they couldn’t also force black people to Read more

7/21/20 8:21PM

There’s a bubbling, seething cauldron of antipathy, malevolence and barely-restrained violence in Black men toward Black women that is only kept in check by the thinnest tendrils of acceptability.  Read more

7/21/20 5:59PM

She retweeted someone who listed him amongst several other people and she in no one said anything specific about him. But keep twisted yourself to believe that his actions are justified.

7/21/20 3:54PM

I think your point Damon has been the point that many black women have asked. Why when black men see other black men behaving badly that they don’t feel ept to call them out on their nonsense. Its not just this situation with Talib, but just every day cases where a man is cussing out a woman or cheating, or just being Read more

7/18/20 8:13PM

ALL of this. Her immediate family is all gone- dying within weeks of one another. Her father died years ago. I’ve had deaths more distant which utterly destabilized me yet she’s kept on giving us self-loving, empowered energy while acknowledging how bereft she feels. We’ve collectively been giving Kanye West passes Read more

7/18/20 5:06PM

Also some people (mostly men) seem to be finding shaudenfruede in this because she is a confident, sex-positive women. I’ve seen comments tying her getting shot to her love for twerking (???).

7/18/20 3:38PM

Thank you! I don’t get any of this at all. The first time I heard of Meg was when she organized a beach clean-up, her getting a degree in health administration, and her strong ass knees.
Her Mom and grandmother passed last year and she still pressed on despite people hating her for no reason. I wouldn’t be mad if she Read more

7/18/20 3:21PM

You’ve already called it. Colorism. I’m just glad Jill received support because as quiet as it’s kept, mainstream Black publications didn’t really start speaking of Jill’s sexiness & beauty till her hair got permed/straightened and she lost some weight. Megan may identify as a redbone, but she’s not what I’d readily Read more

7/18/20 3:04PM

-In the past, I have laughed, but I stopped when we dragged Pam Oliver’s hair so hard, ESPN took her off the air.
-I no longer get down with Black men dressing up as Black women and playing stereotypes and caricatures of violent, angry, and ignorant Black women.
-I’m repulsed by Black people misgendering Black woman Read more

7/04/20 1:02AM

#BlackFemaleAnonymous further expressed concern that we had not reached out to them directly for comment during our coverage. Our choice to let the coalition’s statements stand for themselves was consistent with our treatment of Essence, and additionally out of respect for the fact that the group had already expressed Read more