10/06/20 4:37PM

I might be wrong, but I’ve heard the song’s creator is a white woman from France. Read more

10/06/20 4:30PM

I thought convicted sex offenders couldn’t live in close proximity with minors. Or, is this a “depending on the state” kind of thing?

10/06/20 4:28PM

Mostly every doctor that I see, at my job, wears them ugly-ass things. And I hate being in the same vicinity with them because all I hear is “THUNK-THUNK-THUNK...” as they walk down corridors. It’s as if they’re toddlers again and they’re trying to walk in their dads’ shoes. Read more

8/05/20 4:06PM

This NYC girl may... May not have... Used the word as an adjective to describe her “perfect husband” to go along with the qualities of “owns more Timbs than I do” and “would consider a Yankees game with dollar hot dogs as a perfect date,” when she was sixteen.

7/24/20 6:45PM

Well, homie was found dead in his home, this morning. No details of cause of death has been released.

7/21/20 6:43PM

I was about to say this. Plus, she didn't say all of those rappers were married to light-skinned black women. She said that most of those listed rappers were married to light-skinned black women. 

7/06/20 7:34PM

Wouldn't surprise me. If you have seen his interview segment on Good Morning America, he had said that this moment shouldn't sum up her entire life. His sister, on the other hand, wasn't as forgiving.

7/06/20 7:31PM

Based off of that video and from the character assessment by her neighbors in that NYT article, I wouldn’t be surprised if she attempts suicide, especially since she is being charged. It’s cold saying it, but I do get the vibe that she will.

1/29/20 7:05AM

With some members of that “community of thought” I find them to be interesting for the fact that a lot of them believe that they’re “shunning white supremacy” yet they’re still holding onto that One Drop Rule like a hungry pitbull on a bone. There’s something... insidious, lurking behind the act of claiming every folk Read more

1/29/20 6:54AM

I hate talking how some members of our “community” have been suckered into making mostly everything that is culturally-relevant into “something serious” that’s worthy of a soapbox sermon or a think-piece. I’ve noticed that even some self-proclaimed “woke” individuals still seek for validation from white people. 

1/16/20 5:32PM

Reminds me of that brilliant police sting that perpetuated, in New York City subway stations, a few years after the WTC attacks. The stings were supposed to curb down property theft that occurs in the stations, around the holiday season. The problem was the fact that the MTA, along with the city, had the “See Read more

1/15/20 10:24AM

Reminds me of the chucklefucks at my old job, who used to go through the donations of the annual toy drive and take the best items for their children/other relatives and made sure that the cheap contributions were given to the deserving recipients. 

1/14/20 10:31AM

I don’t why I am thinking about this... Maybe it has to do with Marshawn’s advice for the rookies and younger players to start saving money for the future. But anyway... Read more

1/14/20 10:22AM

You want to hear something that’s soul-stirring infuriating? I’m talking about something that will make your skin grow hot? Read more