Vajayjay Leno
1/26/21 3:48PM

I’m tickled that this is the second sinister “Dottie” Marvel tv has given us.

1/15/21 7:37PM

We have gone a full year without any additions to the MCU.  I will take all the WandaVision I can get.

12/27/20 12:34PM

Harry and Hermoine lure her out into the forbidden forest where she was then captured by centaurs.. Centaurs that according to myths love raping women. Hermione also makes a quip about knowing whats going to happen to her (forget the exact words). She then comes back with her hair disheveled with twigs and leaves in Read more

11/30/20 5:55PM

That’s not remotely what the review was implying, you knee-jerk reactionary twit. 

11/23/20 12:40PM

Having revisited Lost, I can say the sixth season oddly works better in rewatch, because you aren’t focused on trying to figure out the trick it isn’t trying to do. So instead you see how the character stuff is working, especially in the flash-sideways bits, which were bizarrely, intentionally confusing first time Read more

11/23/20 12:31PM

On a narrative level, the finale of Lost is kind of incoherent. But at least the show still works on a character level. That absolutely isn’t true of Game of Thrones or Dexter

11/13/20 4:38AM

A year ago I would’ve agreed with you. After THE RISE OF SKYWALKER... err... well, at least THE PHANTOM MENACE has some things individually I can point to and go “yknow that idea was sort of interesting”.

9/21/20 5:18PM

AV Club’s position is that too many people are going to the movies from a health perspective and not enough are going to justify Warner Brothers finacial strategy. There’s no reason those two things are incompatible.

8/03/20 5:01PM

I’m excited for Lower Decks for no other reason that fighting all the Star Trek gatekeeping purists who will claim it’s “Not Star Trek”.
Read more

11/07/19 2:37PM

Reboots are getting killed by the urge to turn everything into a cinematic universe. That’s why we have “deboots” like Dark Fate and Halloween, which eliminate unloved sequels in an effort to reconnect the newer movies with the classics — and create a foundation for newer sequels that theoretically are closer to the Read more

10/08/19 5:59PM

I really don't get what you are trying to say beyond being really proud of not knowing about the community around you. 

8/14/19 9:59AM

Because no one ever makes fun of superhero shows, ironic slacker humor dramadies, and over-sexualized serial murder mysteries?

8/09/19 12:48PM

i applaud you for you jaded cynicism, but maybe they’re conscious that this is great press for them, or like, are just more-decent-than-average folks.

8/09/19 12:47PM

I absolutely believe it’s worth that much, and that they can flip it for more. It’s not a copy of Zelda from 1986 or whatever. It’s from the 1990 Nintendo World Championship.  That’s absolutely not something you’ll be grabbing at a yard sale for a quarter.  

7/16/19 10:00AM

The strange thing is that The Jungle Book remake had ample personality with the animals. Bill Murray was faintly recognizable through the bear. Christopher Walken sure as hell had personality as the giant monkey. Aside from Timon and Pumba, none of the lions or animals looks like they have anything aside from weird Read more