Vajayjay Leno
6/02/21 10:35AM

I would fully believe that this was a story actively being pushed by the KKK to get people to stop giving a shit about racism and just start tuning it out.

3/02/21 4:51PM

Also, George Lucas kept having to tell him to shut up because whenever he was using a lightsaber, he kept making the sounds himself. However much the prequels sucked, Ewan is still the best.

2/19/21 6:06PM

Chris Langham, I’d guess. He was convicted for possession of child pornography a few years back. The Brooke Shields episode is also missing, just because it contains an extended Wizard of Oz parody and they didn’t want to take the time to edit it out to avoid rights issues.

1/23/21 3:21PM

They were not appreciably older than the TNG cast, which is currently sitting at a 0% fatality rate and still making Star Trek. LeVar Burton is the youngest (non-Wil Wheaton category) at 63. IIRC, the only major Trek cast members (from the 90s) to have passed are Rene Auberjonois, who was already in his 60s by the end Read more

1/13/21 10:00AM

The first episode is intentionally a lot more old school cheesy SbtB than the rest of the series, but it can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

1/13/21 2:06AM

The reboot/sequel is one of the best things I watched all of last year- it’s ridiculously funny- but Lark’s presence is all too brief compared to the rest of the non-Screech cast.

12/27/20 3:47PM

I am also in this boat. For some reason, a movie being in a theater has urgency, like I need to get to this event. On streaming, I’ll wait until I have a chunk of free time, if people seem to like it. WW84 has considerably dropped in priority to watch for me.

12/27/20 3:43PM

I still hate the Harry Potter thing, not for any specific reason of protecting JK Rowling’s precious franchise, but just because Alan Moore gets all upset when people profane *his* work but everyone else’s is fair game for him.

12/27/20 3:39PM

And then in the seventh book her PTSD is basically treated as a silly joke that she gets scared by horse sounds. JK Rowling loves women.

12/14/20 9:45AM

Saying this makes me feel insane but:

How did Saved By The Bell not rank here? It was shockingly funny and the best trans representation I’ve ever seen. It actually got me to watch Peacock of all goddamn things.

8/28/20 1:10PM

Say what you like about Zack Snyder’s use of the song in Watchmen; he at least got that part right”

Did he though? 

11/07/19 5:20PM

2010s people: “God, why do they keep doing sequels and remakes, movies suck now.”
1940s people: “Five movies about Bing Crosby and Bob Hope going on a trip just ISN’T ENOUGH!”

9/14/19 2:43PM

Counterpoint: the bones of Suicide Squad are so bad that anything the studio did at best served to make a mediocre movie worse. The majority of cut and reshot content seems to have basically been the Joker being an abusive dick to Harley, like the studio’s interference was more aimed at keeping him a merchandisable Read more

8/09/19 12:56PM

Yeah, the fact they didn’t just take it for like $2 and run is an incredible credit to them. I sure as hell would if I found it in a random garage sale collection or something. They certainly turned a profit on it, but less $13k than they could’ve.

8/08/19 6:39PM

I’m sure he thought it was actually okay because THEY WERE ON A BREAAAAAAAAAAK