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I’ll through my daily in there. Modded to stage 3, pushing ~400hp

Getting into a 7th gen Legacy after having a 4th gen Legacy would just be a disappointment. Read more

When asked about the possibility of selling a similar version of the 370Z, Nissan officials responded by saying “Wait, what the hell is a 370Z?” Read more

I swear that looks like a screen capture from an episode of How It’s Made Read more

“If it seems like I am picking and choosing the parts I like from this book here, it’s because I very much am.” Read more

Make it so any design entered in has to be purchasable by private teams for the listed cap. Problem solved. Ferrari wants to spend $40M while pretending it’s under cap? They’re going to be losing $20M on each car they sell to private teams. Read more

Laws are really just a friendly suggestion. Read more

I’m seeing some XL1 in that rear 3/4 view.

This may be one of the biggest dumbest career-immolations I’ve ever seen. Read more

I bet we’re about to find out that there are a lot of people out there who can do a convincing Carrie Fisher impression. Read more

Ron Howard Voice over - “They didn’t.” Read more

There’s only one acceptable replacement for Sanders: The statue of Buddy Jesus.

His tunnel boring machine must have hit a major breakthrough, given the rate at which he is digging himself in a hole.
Read more

Yeah, but when are they going to make the coupe version of this? And then the four-door version of the coupe of the four-door? Read more

That Wrangler one is awesome Read more

Porsche must be pulling their hairs out over this going “we cayenne do no more” Read more