Uncles/Aunts that are really someone’s gay lover get bonus points because they have put in the work. Also, Whomever made the Macaroni and/or brought ziplocs and plastic wear can level up.  Read more

No mention of what “liberals” are calling Thanksgiving instead of Thanksgiving? I vote for “Thanksobama.” Read more

She was one of my favorite characters on that show! Perfectly cast. I loved it when she and Patti LaBelle were on at the same time. Read more

Nah, I fully expect that the Senate GOP will simply close ranks and protect Trump.  Because that’s what they’ve become: not a check-and-balance, but enablers.   Read more

Whenever I see pictures from this shitshow I am hearing the following: Read more

I don’t disagree with you at all, unless you’re using the words to appear superior or impress. I’d say that actually “dumbing down” language is rude as hell to both yourself and company in a lot of conversations. It assumes the recipients need dumbing down to, or are unable to keep up.

Know your audience, choose your Read more

I’m not down with this anti-intellectualism. I have a large vocabulary. I use the words I know with the closest meaning to what I am trying to say. It means sometimes I use words other people don’t know. Fancy words are fun to learn and say! Read more

Turning verbs into nouns such as “ask” and “solve” Read more

I get the idea of calling folks on being pretentious, however dumbing down your language skills so you don’t appear to be elitist is short-minded. Yes some people get offended because I use words they don’t understand but this in English and not everything needs to be expressed solely in lyrics from a country or rap Read more

I replace song lyrics with words that apply to dogs. We’re both those kind of people. Read more

¡Esta casa no es un restaurante! Read more

Pieces of Chicken, Ranked

In the midst of the ongoing hullabaloo about Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich, we decided to settle a separate

Or...ya know...don’t buy them a smart phone? Read more

The revolution will not be livestreamed! Read more

I mean, why don’t you just smile more? Read more

Probably. They'd most likely treat you very differently if you had an accent like Gloria on Modern Family Read more

Someone once told me “You look more Mexican today” on a day I wore hoop earrings. :|  Read more

So because you, your mom, and your grandma have internalized racism, everyone else should as well? No thanks.  Read more

It’s code for avoid bright colors, too fitted clothing, flashy jewelry, and red lips. All the stuff that makes wearing “workwear” or dress clothing bearable. I follow this whenever I have open house so I can avoid picky parent problems as the year progresses. It sucks.  Read more