That neighbor NEVER cares about his yard.   Read more

Mexicana here and yeah, godparents and godsiblings even get their own special category. I got bunk white godparents and my sister hit the jackpot with Italian and Puerto Rican godparents.  Read more

I realize her role on A Different World was probably her most trivial but in my heart she will always be Mrs. Gilbert.  Probably because I love A Different World.  Read more

I write a list of three things I want to do that day on a post it and stick it on the back of my phone.  Then I cross them off.  The reward is showing my husband and saying “GETTING SHIT DONE!!”.  He is almost always unimpressed.   Read more

I name the “dishes” I serve to my pets.  Chicken and rice (for when the dogs are sick) is known as the “Chicky Poo Platter” and when I give them a piece of my banana I call it “The Nanner-puss”.  Other famous dishes are the “kibbles in a light sauce (aka low sodium chicken broth) and of course the “Thanksgiving Read more

Sad trombone.  Popcorn breath can think twice. Read more

Oh yeah. For sure.  I had a friend who taught at the school some years ago who had the slightest accent.  Parents complained endlessly that their kids were doing poorly because they couldn't understand the material due to the teacher's accent.  I'm talking about the same level of accent as Ricky Martin speaking Read more

Belladonna is my sister (we teach at the same school) and she looks more ethnic than me. I totally wear the hoops and animal prints. No complaints (about my ethnic look).  I look really white.  Your comment got me thinking if the parents view my look as Fran Drescher instead of novela star (the actual look I am going Read more

But since I present as white I get away with playing salsa music every year as ambiant music.  Also I am going to wear my leopard print sheath dress this year!  Oh yeah!!  Embrace that your kids' ADVANCED math teacher is a proud Latina and I am a damned good teacher!  AS ARE YOU. Read more

Does anyone else think shaving his head just highlights his shitty facial hair??? Read more

My cousin is such a DMB fan.  And a Bernie bro.  Why is he everything I hate???? Read more

The stool version of that is worse.  You know, exactly the same but no back and counter height.  All of the drawbacks of the chair but the added bonus of no back support AND you can't out your feet on the floor.  Uncomfortable crouching. Exactly the position I want to enjoy while fine dining. Read more

I have parents who hold conferences with me and admin and counselors to address the issue that I "don't like their child enough".  When I ask if there was something in class that was upsetting or hurt the child in any way the answer is no but their child needs me to like them more.  I wonder how an adult feels this is Read more

Just my childless teacher 2 cents, so take with a grain of salt. If you (as a woman) define your life as a #boymom, it makes my life as said boy's teacher a bit difficult.  These boys, as middle schoolers, are very emotional that their teacher doesn't adore them with the intensity of their mom.  I genuinely like most Read more

No.  Chuck. From Public Enemy. Not Flav. Read more

I know!  Just a few months ago I was making vegan chili and listening to Rage and Prophets of Rage. It was like I was in college all over again.  And then I was like, are we (society) regressing???? Read more

Oh my God do I love Rage. Tom Morello! And now Prophets of Rage. I have had a crazy crush on Chuck D since I was 13.   Read more

They also don't respect that if you are sick you can't come in.   Read more

A myth among educators is that lawyers and judges like having teachers on a jury. I don’t know if that is true or not because every time I get close to being on a jury I get excused (once because I had a legit bias and the other time I got the giggles and couldn’t stop, long story but it was really out of my Read more

Adults only anything has my immediate attention.   Read more