Yesterday 12:22PM

yup.  I miss the days when boxers hit their opponents and hugged their wives, because the ones today have it backwards.

Friday 10:34AM

Comment that contradicts author’s post but in a passive-aggressive way to seem edgy, but really I’m just fishing for upvotes and hoping people will respond so I can call them out and spit vitriol at them.

Thursday 1:43PM

Not sure who needs to hear this, but years ago when Dave Chappelle said “Fuck Nick Cannon,” I don’t think this is what he meant, ladies.

Thursday 12:55PM

Mentioning history is the same as saying the policy will be bad?

Thursday 12:44PM

I’ve learned from Twitter that mixolydian is a music term but it just sounds to me like if he ever says it backwards he’ll be sent back to the fifth dimension.

Wednesday 1:10PM

He has a podcast and had a special. Dude has done amazing things for himself since clean. Lots of wisdom can be gleaned from being that low. I think most of his pod is on YT, so find a guest you like and take a peek, worth it.

Wednesday 1:01PM

Dire story. Upshot is that I never expected Steve O to be a lucid voice of reason.

Wednesday 11:22AM

If antivaxxers could just spontaneously evaporate, like a dipshit Rapture, I’d be cool with it.

Tuesday 5:42PM

I know literally zero people that use the zoom on their phones.  Zero.  Macro however has far more practical uses for the every-day person.  Please do not impose your opinions on everybody and use that to decide what “nobody wants.”

Tuesday 3:17PM

It was. The author chose to be outraged when the reality is no one, including the UN or WHO, can do an impartial investigation because China isn’t allowing it. There’s also no dispute that China initially covered up the outbreak, regardless of its point of origin. The danger we have is the countries that refuse to be Read more

Tuesday 3:12PM

Huh...I was under the impression it was 100% satire. It reminded me of his satirical rants on The Daily Show.

Tuesday 11:19AM

The whole time I was reading all that useful info ( it was a lot of in depth knowledge you just dropped), I kept saying, just replace the damn door with a newer red one. The colors may be close enough to just buff to match. Read more

Tuesday 9:09AM

She also refused to apologize for comparing Democrats to Nazis because Democrats are “socialists” and the actual name of the Nazi party has the word “socialist” in it.  However, if there is one thing that Democrats actually have in common with Nazis, it’s that neither are actually socialists.  Meanwhile, Israel was Read more

Monday 3:36PM

Around a decade ago, Elon Musk and Tesla had a great idea. They developed an electric car that was the opposite of what we had come to expect from one. People thought electric cars were slow so they made it fast. We thought they took forever to charge so they developed a way to charge them quickly and built the Read more