The Gray Adder
1 hr ago

I don’t think he remembers that the choice to give Obama the Nobel was more or less mocked by everyone at the time, and was seen as a weird choice. That being said, I don’t think Trump understands bullying Iran into a war they don’t want isn’t the action of a peaceful leader helping the world heal.

1 hr ago

I’m jealous. I changed jobs this spring to one with a slight commute (compared to two minutes in old job) and longer hours. I leave for work in the dark and 2/3 of the year get home in the dark. Plus, I’m the rebel slacker of the office who doesn’t do 15 hour days three to four times a week when being paid for eight

1 hr ago

November 2, 2016: Cubs win World Series, upsetting the delicate equilibrium of the universe, opening up a portal to the Upside Down - a world that looks just like our own, but contains homicidal monsters and everything is covered in a layer of viscous slime.

2 hrs ago

As the resident Cardinals fan at this Chicago office, I made bacon and pancakes for everyone this morning on the office griddle. I figured after the Cardinals spent all weekend fucking the Cubs, I should at least cook them breakfast.

2 hrs ago

The same mechanism we had when it went to 40 hours a week.. Well written legislation with meaningful penalties for violating these laws. It took decades of mostly republican attacks on Unions and existing legislation to get us to our present sorry state.

2 hrs ago

On the off-chance you’re looking for a serious answer, I work a 35-hour week (30 if you take into account my paid lunches) and I just work 5 shorter days. It means that I actually have a life outside of work. Like, at the end of the day I still have the time and energy to do other stuff, which is awesome. 

1:26 PM

Do you extend the weekend or drop it on a Wednesday? I kind of like the midweek break. Sort of like halftime. And you never work more than 2 days in a row. Tuesday isn’t a bummer anymore; it’s Mini Friday.

1:01 PM

All the commentators saying they’re cat owners are obviously just here to spread fake news or show their own ignorance.

Anybody who has ever had a cat knows that there’s no such thing as the owner of a cat. Just the opposite actually ;).

10:35 AM

Batteries that last 300K miles are already superior to 95% of ICE cars.

7:01 PM

You are an idiot trying to defend this. You state that there are vehicles on the island (this is true), but then try to twist it as “oh, it’s just a normal thing”, which it is not.

They only use motorized vehicles when absolutely necessary, and during season only for an emergency. Off-season, yes the vehicle count goes

2:06 PM

You need to try the current mobile spin-off “Using Your Cat To Hunt Insects That Got Into The House"

11:28 PM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the Judiciary should have immediately held him in contempt. “I would have held him in contempt right then and there,”

3:30 PM

Oh, but the Trumpers are eating this up and saying it’s no different than what happened to Lewandowski yesterday.

6:34 PM

“Nothing highlights the absurdity of Congress’s inability to solve the gun violence crisis like seeing 318 mass shootings in 260 days and then holding a hearing on extremism in social media.”

5:50 PM

That’s the most human centipede response for wanting to own a deadly weapon I’ve ever heard. Did you by chance have to submit to a psych eval or drug test or even have to wait 30 days to purchase it? Anyone know when the apocalypse is happening so I can GTFO here? 

5:49 PM

I can shoot whoever I want now. I’m not going to...” Until you decide to. I’m not being insulting just pointing out that people (not you) often state gun laws hurt lawing abiding citizens. I reply with, “You’re a law abiding, gun owning citizen....until you’re not.” We can make smart gun laws without taking away the