the girl with the most cake
12:12 PM

Because he was hot in the sixties and now he’s on twitter getting into CW show fandom arguments. Also the fact that he’s not-too-cool-for-school when it comes to his Trek legacy.  Read more

2:01 PM

Yeah, considering how much her net worth must be, that’s a reasonable amount to spend on a dress. I think sometimes celebs end up getting dresses that are super expensive because of the amount of work that goes into the construction or material, but that doesn’t mean that those extra things make them look good. But Read more

9:24 PM

Yeah, I’m a pretty shameless Shatner stan so I’m biased, and in his defense, he definitely was comfortable being objectified himself so there’s that. 

8:34 AM

Yup. Only Spacey himself can know where he falls on the Kinsey scale, but as a bi person woman who has chosen to only date women when it comes to dating apps, it is a choice for some of us. And that’s OK. It’s super bi-erasure-y and homophobic to pretend that only the kinsey 6's get to be gay and the rest of us have Read more

2:49 PM

Go to a Sephora or somewhere else with a lot of different perfumes. Try a bunch using the little paper things, then pick two. One for each wrist. Walk around the mall for a few hours, or go exercise. Pick the one you like the most.

2:06 PM

In BigLaw you have to be reachable via email during non-sleep hours (and at some places, during sleep hours as well), although the expectation is made pretty clear (and you get compensated for the fact that the job is your life). Over the weekend, the turn-around time expected on the actual task isn’t immediate Read more

8:08 AM

‘[There’s also the conflict of interest issues that are all over the Trumps, but this [having a daughter be the first lady] isn’t in of itself the problem]’ Read more

10:12 PM

So I really don’t like Ivanka and thin Trump will be the worst president the US has ever had. That said, I don’t think having her fill the roll of first lady is something we should drag the family for. Buchanan did something similar with his niece. The idea that the wife of the president must dedicate herself to a job Read more

2:20 PM

The counterpoint to that is that LGBT people have fewer legal protections from discrimination on account of being LGBT than Black people do on account of being Black. Marriage equality is recent. The GOP is in favor of conversion therapy. In some states you can fire people for being LGBT, trans people are kept in the Read more