the girl with the most cake
10:07 PM

The Mandalorian is an “Adventure of the Week” show with a weak through line this season. It reminds me of the first season of The Clone Wars as well as genre TV of the 80s and 90s- think Star Trek, Knight Rider, Quantum Leap, even the A-Team. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just going against the grain of current trends Read more

12:34 PM

What her ex did was a hell of a lot more than just “wrong”. It’s downright despicable. Publishing nude photos of your ex in a concerted effort to destroy her career and personal life all because she had the audacity to leave a toxic relationship? Beyond unforgiveable. Because in doing that he’s not just screwing with Read more

10:20 AM

I don’t know if you watch the news but we have much, much worse in Congress. And by resigning she showed that she has a conscience. Read more

11:51 PM

Not true. Duncan Hunter held on to his seat while still having an affair with a staffer AND being under indictment. Only when his wife turned on him and cooperated with the Feds did he plea guilty - and even then, he is not resigning until the end of the month, Just get out of here with that nonesense.

5:28 PM

I watched an interview by a feminist; I can’t remember her name; but what struck me was her explanation of sexism vs. misogyny. Sexism is the doctrine and misogyny is the punishment when a woman does not adhere to the doctrine. Read more

5:26 PM

The ex-husband says he was hacked, then talks to all kinds of conservative media types? Sounds like he was looking for revenge and a payday. Read more

6:01 AM

Agreed. Had kate spent anything near that amount, the queen would doubtless have put her firmly in her place and wouldn't hesitate to downgrade any allowances. This is just the tabloids having a pop at kate, because she's a commoner who dared to become a royal. 

1:32 AM

Prince Andrew may never be allowed to go to America again. It depends on whether the palace thinks he’d actually be arrested. Read more

1:04 AM

It’s a commonly repeated rumor, but even in the tabs the “spree” wasn’t a single shopping day. Instead, it was how much Kate has reportedly spent on wardrobe and “upkeep” (hair, makeup, spa treatments, personal trainers, etc.). But again, the only place you’ll find the £1 million total is in Tabloid articles that Read more

6:58 PM

They were introduced by Ghislaine Maxwell. She is the socialite daughter of Robert Maxwell, who was a publishing magnate and former British MP.
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6:10 PM

Eh I think both can be true. Andrew’s extravagance has always been an issue. The appeal of having men like Epstein as friends wasn’t just the girls it granted him access to, but that he couldn’t live the lifestyle he wanted with on his own income/allowance/whatever and relied on billionaire friends to subsidize it. If Read more