3/05/18 2:25AM

May we refer to them as Middleton darts, because that was my focus (getting sucked into) watching her wedding.

2/14/18 12:24AM

Not Piper. Grace may be a bit overdone now by the Brentwood Moms of the world; but not Piper. Never Piper.

2/06/18 11:19PM

I’m very fond of the reason that there was a slew of Jessicas after the advent of Murder, She Wrote. (In the UK, too.)

12/31/17 3:23AM

it is some booshit that knighthoods aren’t bestowed posthumously. Georges Harrison and Michael should both be ghost Sirs.

12/22/17 3:16AM

but maybe she’s looking at Rachel Weisz and observing how she rebounded as a result of some Aronofskyizing?

11/20/17 12:14PM

Good call. I have AR’s “How Will I Know/Queen of the Night” medley on my phone and I stan for Whitney’s above all other voices, perhaps.

11/14/17 10:44PM

Quite. Looking at mick jagger, also. Is he an octodad now? I guess I just sincerely don’t get it. 8 dogs, definitely. Also 80 dogs.

1/12/17 3:44AM

Truly: “The Incoherent Scribblings of a Mad Woman” has a wonderful, literary ring to it. Good cover appeal in a zeitgeist way.

1/05/17 5:45PM

I have only seen two clips (on Stella’s insta, of course) and my takeaway of the agenda is: “We’re two mature-in-physical-form yet emotionally youthful, vivacious, over-the-top fabulous...that’s it! We’re Ab Fab 2.0!!!”

1/01/17 1:19PM

While my understanding is that her new manager is new to the business of managing...Mariah is not new to the world of performing, so she knows. Buck stops with her (no dog in this race, love her, think everyone should unclench about mistakes a bit, inc. me).

12/26/16 2:26AM

I know a man deep in the industry who was musing whilst disparaging a few newer singers and how much they needed in order to deliver, and how conversely effortless George was.

12/19/16 3:04AM

More like OG Mariah. Though by all accounts PH is a different person IRL, just more like Angelyne in terms of not maintaining the (western) public’s interest.